The Knight Witch

The Knight Witch

Magic and sparkle.

The Knight Witch

It’s that weird time in gaming… where a New Year starts, but the flow of new games takes that little bit of time to get going.  So it’s the perfect time to have a quick look back at anything we may have missed in the end of year rush.  The Knight Witch by Spanish studio Super Mega Team is one such title that is well worth going back for, as it’s a blast in more ways than one.  Here you play as a young witch called Rayne who must battle to save her homeland of Dungeonidas, as well as fighting to keep the faith that gives the witches their powers still alight.  It’s a surprisingly deep tale with a fair bit of lore attached to it, especially given the sort of arcade hit that the game delivers.

As The Knight Witch is an interesting blend of Metroidvania and a bullet hell shooter, which may not hit you as a good mix of genres, but trust us it really is a perfect pairing.  You explore around the huge open world maze-like map, with the aim of completing a number of different objectives, as well as blasting the odd boss or two you may find along the way.  Gameplay sees you flying around the place shooting magic light bullets at anything that gets in your way, though when things heat up you can fall back on your trusted magic cards, which act as a sort of secondary power and are 100% needed in the latter half of the game.  So keeping on top of what cards you have is important as they range from being able to summon swords for an extra bit of damage, laying mines like bombs or giving you a powerful shield that will protect you from an incoming attack, but only from one direction.  As you play you’ll find new cards that buff your deck, so spending a bit of time in the provided training area is needed to find out just what each new one will do and how you can fit it into your gameplay style.

Rayne’s power is directly linked to the number of people who believe in her.  So it’s worth your time to help out as many locals as you come across, as the more believers she has, the stronger she becomes and it’s a nice way of handling side missions as well.  The Knight Witch sees you levelling your bullet attacks and spells damage, but you’ll also unlock new abilities like armour and new cards.  Plus with having a Metroidvania heart you can expect to do a bit of off the track exploring for more permanent boosts, but with that also comes a bit of back tracking too, when you have acquired the right powers to open previously blocked areas.

Visually the game is stunning as its fantastical theme bursts into life, thanks to a very strong art style and strong cartoon colour palette, with there always being something of interest going on in the fore or background.  Sound-wise it’s all of a very high standard, to the point we wouldn’t blame you for adding a track or two to your Spotify playlist.  As for issues… the world is so complex at times, it can become easy to lose your way and although there is a handy guide system that shows a gust of wind to give you a hint as to where to head sometimes, this doesn’t always work as it points into a solid wall or area where there is no way out of.  There are also a few difficulty spikes along the way in terms of boss battles too.  The Knight Witch takes two unlikely genres and mixes them together to craft the most unique of titles.  It starts out easy, but soon ramps up the challenge once it’s got its hooks into you – visually stunning, tale strong and gameplay rich.  It’s well worth spending a few damp cold January evenings getting lost in the magical world of Dungeonidas.

An Xbox review copy of The Knight Witch was provided by Team 17’s PR team, and the game is available now on Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Switch for around £20.

The Verdict


The Good: Art style and sound track | Gameplay | Surprisingly strong story

The Bad: Easy to get lost | A few difficulty spikes

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