Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch

The Prof and Brian are back seeking out games that cost the same as your cappuccino. This week's 'Cost of a Coffee' game is Table Tennis Touch.

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The Prof and Brian are back once again for this week’s ‘Cost of a Coffee’, where they seek out games that cost the same as your daily cappuccino.  This week’s ‘Cost of a Coffee’ game is Table Tennis Touch.

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“Hello I’m Professor Kelvin Harris, the resident scientist for, and this is my lab assisstant Brian.”


“Together we’re on a mission to highlight interesting games that cost around the same as that cappuccino you bought on the way to work.  Why are people so hesitant to buy a mobile game, when they’d think nothing of coming here to spend £3 on a grande whipped hazelnut caramel mochaccino? Every day in the United Kingdom we spend £2.5 million on coffee, that’s more than twice as much as the amount of funding allocated to Ping Pong…”

“…TABLE TENNIS Professor! Give the game the respect that it deserves.”

“That’s more than twice as much as the amount of funding allocated to Table Tennis by UK Sport between 2009 and 2013.”

“It’s a criminally underfunded sport Professor. Horse dancing got ten times as much, it’s not fair.”

“Well equestrian sports do have quite a following Brian… but this debate leads us nicely to today’s ‘Cost of a Coffee’ game, which is Table Tennis Touch from Yakuto, available now on iOS and soon on Android.”

“I love Table Tennis Professor; it’s the only game my Mam let me play when I was little as she said that holding a paddle and competing against others was more virtuous than playing with myself. Sometimes I practice my forehand smash in the laboratory.”

“I know you do Brian and I have the glassware bill to prove it. Table Tennis Touch has you starting out as an amateur, learning the ropes in your garage with robotic Table Tennis Tutor, Wiff Waff. You progress in career mode through Club, National and International levels where you’ll play in tournaments, leagues, throw downs and skill games. Throughout this you’ll unlock new bats and venues as you earn reputation points; the logo for which is an R and a star.”

“Didn’t Rockstar make a table tennis game Professor…”

“You know what Brian, I think they might have. The game plays well with some nice control configuration options, the sound effects and music are good and the look of the game is stunning. The backdrops are almost photo realistic and look like places you’d actually play table tennis; I swear I went to a few discos in one of the club level venues, which looks like it could be any Scout Hut, Community Centre or Village Hall.”

Table Tennis Touch

“Are there any in-app purchases Professor?”

“Well yes Brian, there are. If you want to forego the time and effort required to unlock all the skill games through the career mode, you can pay 69p to do so. The game also introduces you to the boost Spray during the career mode, with Wiff Waff giving you your first 10 hits for nothing. Like a ping pong ball spitting street dealer, he soon jacks the price to 69p for 30 boosts and there’s no way to earn boosts through playing.”

“Is it worth the ‘Cost of a Coffee’ Professor?”

“At £2.49, the same price you’d pay for a regular latte or cappuccino, I would say so. The game looks great and is more addictive than the boost spray that Wiff Waff is peddling. Also any game that quotes classic Alan Partridge at you when you’re performing well is a must have.”


“Cost of a Coffee is a Codec Moments production.”

“If you can recommend a game that costs about the same as a cappuccino, get in touch with us on Twitter @CodecMoments, via Facebook or Google+, or visit”

“See you next time.”

The Verdict


The Good: Great visuals in an addictively simple, yet satisfying game

The Bad: Boost only available as IAP and difficulty seems to increase quickly without using it.


  1. WiffWaff May 19, 2014 11:22 pm  Reply

    Hi Professor Harris. Great review, Wiff Waff loved it. He was laughing so hard he had Kenco coming out of his, erm, metallic nostril thing.

    Just a couple of points – every opponent in the game can be beaten without using Boost. That’s a promise. Boost is not some nasty paywall, it is what it says, a boost for those times when you want a hand. It’s up to you whether you use it. We don’t nor does my mum.

    And, I don’t want to say too much but if you look hard enough there are ways to earn Boost in the game.

    Anyway, thanks fora great review. Lovely stuff!

    • Prof. Kelvin Harris May 20, 2014 8:48 am  Reply

      Thanks for your lovely comment and it’s good to hear that Boost isn’t simply a ‘pay to win’ addition; I was playing the game between experiments all day yesterday and I’m really starting to appreciate the finesse of the controls now. I stand corrected on not being able to earn Boost Spray in game, I of all people should know the benefits of doing more exhaustive research!

      If Wiff Waff ever fancies a job in my lab, I might have just the thing for him… my autosampler stopped working last week (I say “stopped working”, I really mean Brian tried to use it) and I think that he’d be just the thing to fire vials into our analysers!

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