Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

An unexpected adventure.

Stranded Deep

Below lies the transcript of diary pages pulled from a bottle found washed up on Long Beach, California.  The author, their sex and their age are unknown.

Day 0

Hopping on the company private jet in the morning to make the Osaka meeting for the day after.  Should be a short trip over the Pacific Ocean, but still gives me time to run over the presentation and carry on with this diary like the therapist said.  I don’t understand why I have to use the notebook when I could just stick them on the cloud!  Depending on the time I might even be able to get a view of those islands the boss was talking about – maybe it’s time I follow her lead and see about buying one as a getaway.  She seems to be spending more and more time on hers and doesn’t look to be stranded deep in debt with the running costs.  Might be worth seeing if I can grab a few extra days if things go well and book a tour for the way back.  Only thing that worries me is the rumours of strange sea creatures getting near to shore, and the (admittedly low) risk of a crash.  Still though, could be a good trade off to say I have my own island.

Day 1

Knew it.  Knew it!  KNEW IT!  Shouldn’t have written about a plane crash, I jinxed the trip.  It all seemed far too smooth.  Work was done, the shades were down and I was about to get a bit of shuteye when we hit a huge pocket of turbulence and it all went tits up.  Cabin debris went flying everywhere as the plane lurched and I learnt why you should never undo your safety belt as it felt like we were dropped out of the sky and it was the only thing that stopped me from caving my skull in on the roof.  I’ve no idea how the pilot stopped us from disintegrating as we hit the water, but with it mostly staying intact I was able to swim out of the emergency door and up through the sinking wreckage.  Breaking the surface I found bits burning all around and I was beginning to despair until I spotted the life raft.  Saviour!  It took everything I had to muster the energy to clamber over the edge, but it was that or stay in the cold, dark ocean watching any luggage that might be useful slowly disappear from view to be stranded deep down on the seabed.  With a few provisions and a small paddle it wasn’t exactly going to take me home, but it got me to the first bit of land I saw when the sun came up.  It wasn’t much, just a few palm trees and a couple of big rocks.  Beggars can’t be choosers.  And good news, my watch has come through intact so I can keep the fitness tracking going.

Stranded Deep beach

Turns out that the sun is hot when you’ve no shelter or sun cream… or air con.  Damn, I miss air con already.  It was barely noon before I felt like I was cooking and had to find shade and water.  You don’t often think about it because it’s just there, but you can’t drink seawater, and there’s definitely no finding a desalination plant out here.  With no fresh sources I’ve resorted to drinking from the coconuts straight out of the trees.  Hell, this stuff would go for a fortune in the my local market, right now I’m swigging to my hearts content for free.  Ate the insides for today’s meal too (don’t want to touch the rations yet), not bad, good job I’m not allergic.  Time to grab some sleep, tomorrow I need to figure out a better water source, more food, and some shelter wouldn’t be a bad move either.

Day 2

YES!  Today has been a triumph… if I do say so myself.  I’ve made a makeshift knife, spear and axe from rocks, saplings and crafting bindings from the fibrous leaves lying around.  I caught a crab, I built a fire, and I lit it.  I ate the crab – disgusting – and I’ve even built a tiny shelter and a bed.  Sure, these are all things we take for granted normally, but I’m on my own, stranded deep in the Pacific Ocean with only my wits for survival.  I’m impressed I’m not dead.  I’m shattered though, time to test those palm tree leaves out.

Day 3

OK, maybe I need to be a bit more realistic with my situation.  There’s no one coming.  I’ve seen no boats, planes, helicopters, or even UFOs – I’d take one of them right now in a pinch.  Surely they must know we’re never made it to Osaka and where transponder stopped?  This isn’t Lost!  It’s not looking good on the water side of things either, I’m down to my last two coconuts so maybe a day’s worth left if I’m careful.  It’s my own fault, I ate too much coconut and it turns out it’s a laxative.  Who knew!?  I figured I needed to get some more energy in me and finished off that crab from yesterday… yeah, that was a bad move.  I’ve never hurled so hard and so fast before.  Dehydration is a killer, and I’ve let it get a foothold on me.  It’s meant I’ve spent most of today gazing out to sea, which was a plus as I noticed that the waves were parting weirdly around what couldn’t have been a rock.  Wading out I found an old wrecked rowing boat with a pair of binoculars in a box stranded deep under some tarpaulin, which I can use to collect condensation.  The carcass of the boat is useless, but I wonder if there are more dotted around?  I’ve spotted another island not that far aware, maybe I should mount an expedition.  Not exactly got much else to do, have I?

Day 4

Result.  A short swim in these crystal clear waters this morning and I found another wreck stranded deep in the reef.  This one was in better shape even if it wasn’t seaworthy, and it had a torch and barrels, as well as a load of engine parts that might be useful if a chopper washes up on the beach.  Now I can see at night, and have made a makeshift cooker for the fish I caught.  Nice.  Bit of a wake up call though, saw a shark swimming towards me on the way back.  It was huge and I’m pretty sure it was right on me when I hit the reef.  Better be careful heading out in the future, I’m definitely not going in without my spear.  The water collector is working at least, although very slowly.  It’s going to be touch and go whether I can keep going here for much longer.  It might be time to get serious about that trip across the sea and find out what supplies are there.  I’ve pretty much stripped this place bear and can’t make anything more.  Plus all the coconuts are gone.  I’ve still got the life raft, if it’s calm enough I’m going to head out at first light.  There’s nothing to lose.

Stranded Deep underwater

Day 5

Yay!  Made it to the other island!  Boo!  Got bitten by a snake as I set foot on the beach.  My arm’s looking horrendous and I feel awful.  Spent most of the day scouring for a few plants or herbs to try and make an antidote.  I learnt a lot from Bear Grylls, but how to magic up the right kind of plants on a sandy beach was not one of them.  Snake’s dead though, so there’s that.  Came across another camp though which was a surprise.  I’m not the only one this has happened to, and they didn’t get rescued… I could tell by the state of the poor soul’s skeleton, but at least they had a decent drink before they went.  I’ve not a lot of options now.  I can lie down quietly here and sleep forever next to the only hint of life I’ve seen in days; or I can start paddling in the dark to what I think is another small island and hope there’s something there, and hope there aren’t any snakes or worse.  It’s not much of a choice really.

Day 6

I didn’t expect to be writing this, and to be honest, it’s probably the last.  Call me dumb!  I’d forgotten about the rations in the raft.  No snake antivenom, obviously, but there was food and water.  With just enough of an energy boost and being careful to not lose the paddle overboard I’ve make it to another island.  I need to rest before looking around for something or anything that might help me, and you know, if I don’t wake up then fair enough.  At least I’ve not hit the point of needing to eat my own body parts to stay alive.  All I know for sure is I can try and get my short tale out to someone, so here goes, I’m going to stuff them in that bottle I found yesterday and push it out to sea.  If you find these pages then I’ve a piece of advice for you – don’t get stranded deep in the Pacific Ocean with only sharks and snakes for company.  If you’re my therapist that insisted I keep a diary, aside from being the biggest coincidence ever, I want you to know what waste of time it was.

If you’re not experiencing real life tragedy, peril and desert island isolation then you can experience it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for around £16.

The Verdict


The Good: Coconut water | Coconut flesh | Coconut flasks

The Bad: Rotten Coconuts | Snakes | Sharks

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