Sniper Elite III – Hunt the Grey Wolf

Sniper Elite III – Hunt the Grey Wolf

Take to the streets to Hunt the Grey Wolf!

It’s been 2 weeks since Sniper Elite III was released, and Rebellion and 505 Games have made the pre-order bonus content Hunt for the Grey Wolf available across all platforms.  If you missed out before the launch, is it worth picking up now?

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The Hunt for the Grey Wolf is a standalone mission set in a new environment not featured in the main Sniper Elite III game, and tasks you (or rather Karl Fairburne) with infiltrating the town of Tobruk in 1942 and taking out Hitler who’s making a surprise visit to the troops there.  This isn’t an “on the disc” piece of content that you unlock, it’s a truly separate mission that comes with a hefty 1.9 GB download for the PlayStation 4 (and maybe the same for your platform of choice), and it plays a little differently from what you might be used to if you’ve finished the campaign.

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Not only are you sneaking your way into the town and finding a suitable sniping point, you’ll need to pick up clues first to determine if your target is really Hitler, or just his double.  Notes from officers are scattered around that help get your brain thinking, and it’ll give you enough insight to decide whether you’re taking the right killshot at the end.  Each playthrough of the level changes the officers notes that are placed so it gives you a different outcome possibility and encourages replay.

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Where this DLC differs from the campaign is in the layout – it’s much more enclosed and guided than the main story.  There are still alternate routes from one point to another, it’s just done through a town so you feel there are less options for expression, and there are definitely less masking sounds to utilise and take out distant enemies.  My first couple of attempts turned into very messy affairs with alerts going on all over the place.  The landscape made me switch up my tactics and really start to think on how to use all my gadgets and toys.  It didn’t necessarily make me any better, but it was a lot of fun!

A pleasant surprise (for UK players at least) is finding Charlie Brooker in the mix as a German officer and radio announcer – sorry I put a bullet through your face fella!  The addition of the mystery element and “sleuthing” light mechanics make a nice change, and something I’d like to see used again.  For completionists there are at least 7 different ways to kill the target too, each with a trophy/achievement attached giving incentive to go back and try again, so there’s a decent amount of replay value to the extra level.  Is it worth the price tag if you didn’t get it as a pre-order bonus?  I think it’s a little high at £6.99, but it’s not like you could complain about the amount of extra game time you’ll get, especially if you enjoyed Sniper Elite III.

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So how can we score DLC fairly?  We already love the game so it’s not going to be a bad mark.  In this instance I can only score it against the other levels, and the move away from sniping at the beginning of the level is the only part I didn’t really get on with.  It’s a good addition to the game, and after the announcement of the Save Churchill DLC that’s coming to console soon, and already on Steam, I’ve high hopes for the support we’re going to get for the life of Sniper Elite III Afrika.

A review code for Hunt the Grey Wolf on PlayStation 4 was provided by the 505 Games PR team, and is available now on Xbox Live, Steam and PSN for all the platforms Sniper Elite III was released on.

The Verdict


The Good: New “puzzle” mechanic | Charlie Brooker

The Bad: Less sniping focus | Difficult to avoid alerts

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