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Severed Steel

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severed steel

What is the fastest FPS you have ever played?  Quake Champions?  Doom Eternal?  Maybe Ghostrunner?  Well you can leave them ALL at the door, as there is a new speed kid on the block – Severed Steel.  It’s developed by Greylock Studio and is a brutal assault on your senses as you run, jump and dive at breakneck speed – smashing, shooting and booting bad guys in the face.  Now if you need a story there is a light tale here, as you play as Steel a mysterious woman who wakes up to find she is missing an arm… which is soon replaced with a cannon arm, and from there you’re off blasting everything and everyone that moves till you get some answers.

I’ll not lie… the tale in Severed Steel held me for about 4 femtoseconds, but once the game actually starts and the gameplay gets its hooks right into you this game is so good especially if you are an FPS fan.  Its brand of carnage is built around what’s being called a fluid stunt system as movement is buttery smooth.  Plus throw in destructible environments, loads of bullet time, and the fact your arm is a cannon and you have a recipe for FPS perfection.  Most levels see you having to find, destroy and move on, but it’s not the goal, it’s how you get to it.  Want to be Neo from the Matrix?  Go for it!  Wall run and slow-mo dive your way through endless goons.  More a John Wick fan?  Fine!  Blast your way from room to room grabbing new guns before your old ones hit the deck.  Or just use your arm cannon to blast a direct path through 8 walls to get to your target.  It’s really up to you how you take each level.  One thing is for sure, you’ll be smiling by the end of each one.

When not shooting an unholy amount of lead at rent-a-cops, you’ll be using your wall running and jumping skills to do some extreme platforming.  It will take a bit of time to get your head around, but when it clicks you’ll be unstoppable.  To Severed Steel’s credit what could have been a title easily skill locked to most players actually has a strong level of accessibility – with five difficulty settings, as well as a number of options to dial into.  This includes giving you more or less health and there are mutators to spice things up, with even more like turning on big head mode or having infinite slide.  Beyond the 42 level campaign there is firefight mode which dumps you in a room with one goal… survive as long as you can while completing a number of challenges.

Visually the game is heavily stylised with a strong vibe of Superhot in ways, though with a full pallet of colour.  The soundtrack is a banger.  Simple as that.  Every track knows what its aim is to get you fired up for a firefight and it does that and then some.  On the downside we did run into a few glitches both visually and gameplay wise along the way, ranging from falling through the map to the game freezing at times when things really kicked off.  Severed Steel is the FPS equivalent of having 4 cans of Monster Energy and a big bag of Skittles – it’s fast, frantic and a tonne of fun from start to finish, and that is a must for any shooter fans.

An Xbox review copy of Severed Steel was provided by Greylock Studios PR team, and the game is available now on XBox, PC, Switch and PlayStation for around £25.

The Verdict


The Good: Gameplay | Speed | Controls

The Bad: A few technical gremlins

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