Serial Cleaners – Dino Park DLC

Serial Cleaners – Dino Park DLC

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Serial Cleaners - Dino Park

Serial Cleaners delivered a solid sequel last year to a bit of a cult classic, it took everything that made the first game fun and amped it up with a new look and style as well as more than a few new features.  Though odds are by now your mop and bucket will have been put away, as it was a one and done affair beyond sweeping up a few missing achievements, if that’s your thing.  Well think again… you best bust out the vacuum because Serial Cleaners has just got a new DLC that is all themed around a Dino Park, and you’ll be cleaning up like never before.

Dino Park will set you back £7.99 and let’s get the elephant (well T-Rex) in the room out the way just now, this is so close to being Jurassic Park it’s questionable in ways.  The pack adds four new levels, a handful of achievements and a hell of a lot of challenges to boot.  Although there are only four new levels, they are very tough even for seasoned cleaners; you’ll have to dodge guards and scientists as well as more than a few dino’s.  You must collect and dispose of any “evidence” while hoovering up any crimson spillages too.  The levels are built around cool moments you may or may not have seen in other media: like a theme park or a speeding train through the jungle.  Each is well crafted and has more than a few options to help you out if you look around, and will likely take you about 45 min to an hour to complete first time around.  This is all wrapped in a tongue in cheek tale that feeds into the series’ dark humour all the while poking fun at its inspiration.  To be fair it does have a few good jokes in there, given the often grimness of what you are doing.

Each level will see you taking control of one of the core gang from the main game, so you have to mix up how you do things based on their skills and abilities.  Beyond getting the job done there is a timed medal system, awarding you with a gold, silver or bronze medal depending on how quickly you get the task done.  These add a hell of a challenge to an already hard at times tasks, as you have to be move perfect to earn the gold.  So expect to lose hours, weeks, or even months trying to nail those prefect runs.  Beyond trying to get gold runs there are also hidden collectables to be found and a challenge to complete each level without being busted.  Again it is a lot harder than it seems, especially when you get to the third and fourth level.  Serial Cleaners – Dino Park is a bite sized addition to an already fun and addictive game, it takes everything you have learned and throws it into a whole new wild scenario.  Hopefully it’s a hint of things to come as a few more of these “themed” DLCs would be more than welcome.

An Xbox review copy of Serial Cleaners – Dino Park DLC was provided by Draw Distance’s PR team, and the pack is available on PC, Xbox, Switch and PlayStation for around £8.

The Verdict


The Good: More content | Fun setting | A real challenge

The Bad: Only four levels | No new cleaners or mechanics | It can get extremely tough

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