Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sacking it to ya!

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy has to be one the most well known characters for Sony, since he made his debut on PS3.  He has been full of charm and just a joyful little thing since he appeared.  I have enjoyed all of the Little Big Planet games and this one is no exception.  I had a ton of fun with, it from start to finish.  Sackboy: A Big Adventure, along with Little Big Planet 3, has to be my favourite entry in what is a now well established franchise for Sony.

Of course there are more characters in the game, however (excluding Sackboy) there were three that were my favourite.  Scarlett is essentially your Sackling guide and helps move the story along between worlds.  She is voiced perfectly and she does feel like a Guardian to Sackboy.  We have Noami, who is a main character for one of the worlds you visit and she is a funny little robot with violent tendencies, yet also amusing.  Then we have Vex, who is the villain of the game and is played brilliantly.  His aim is to destroy craft world and ensure all the Sacklings and your friends aren’t there to stop him.  The voice work which brings them to life is outstanding.  They all have their own traits and none feel or act similar to each other so it sets them apart.  For Sackboy himself, whilst he is not voiced, he oozes charm in his animations and character design.   Despite the fact he looks simple, even when you customize his outfits, that charm from his facial expressions still shines through.  If anything, I really wish he was fully voiced considering how many entries we are into this franchise.

Moving onto the game play itself now.  We have multiple worlds, each having a different style of levels, and characters thrown in to highlight that part of the world.  It also introduces different elements to how the levels play out.  I did feel as though the game got better in the latter worlds, simply because it gives you more tools to use, so it allowed more variation.  The levels (of which are there are many in Sackboy: A Big Adventure!) are all brilliantly designed and do offer variation; from moving floor pieces to platforms to jump over or across.  You get elements in play such as electric floors and jump pads, so you will have to time everything perfectly.  We then get the tools, such as hover boots, swinging devices, along with a boomerang to throw at enemies, which is fun too.  The later levels combine all these together, so it makes it more challenging and, more importantly, fun.  The enemies within the levels also vary, but they don’t vary as much as the levels themselves, which is a shame as the enemies for the most part are all defeated in a similar way – jump on them, punch them, throw them off the level itself, rinse and repeat.  This is a shame, considering how much effort was put into the level design.  That being said, the game itself just oozes fun and it always puts a smile on your face, even in the difficult parts, of which there are quite a few!  Each time I played this, I had a blast and I recommend any platform lovers pick this up.  I did the game solo, however it does feature co op online and offline.  Unfortunately, my Mrs would not partake in playing Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Grooving on along to the games audio, I have to say, this is another area where it impresses.  The soundtrack is composed well and the songs fit each scene or level.  There is one level where you have Britney Spears in the background.  I will stress, I’m no fan of her music but it did fit the moment in the game so hats off to them for that.  It hit me one more time after all.  Within the game as well, you can customize Sackboy to suit your own style.  In each level, there will be outfit pieces for you to find, which you then unlock (or you can buy them from the shop in game) with the bells you have collected in the level.  This brings a new layer of customization, as it includes emotes as well, so whether you’re playing alone or with friends, it adds another dimension to the uniqueness of Sackboy.  Now as this is a PS5 title, you maybe wondering how it is graphically.  Simply put, it’s gorgeous to look at!  This is due to the art style as well – it certainly wont disappoint.  I don’t think it’s stressing or even pushing the PS5, but it doesn’t need to.  The colours pop well and the particle effect in levels are clear to see.

There are two points that did disappoint me in this Sackling adventure.  One, which I have mentioned above, that I just wish he was voiced fully.  Secondly, it has cut out one of the best features from previous entries, in that you can’t make your own world in this spin off.  I feel this is such a waste of potential, considering PS5 has more power and the game itself brings more variation to the table, I think it’s a missed opportunity.  As a PS5 title I’d recommend everyone to pick up Sackboy: A Big Adventure, even if platforming games aren’t your thing, purely because of the fun it brings along with the character and charm.  I’d be very surprised if anyone is disappointed in this game.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is out now on PS4 and PS5 for around £45 depending on platform.

The Verdict


The Good: Number of levels | Charm | Music Selection

The Bad: Quite hard at times | No user content like the LBP games

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