Resident Evil Village: Winters Expansion DLC

Resident Evil Village: Winters Expansion DLC

Just don't talk about the multiplayer.

Resident Evil Village Winters Expansion

Resident Evil Village was a huge hit when it launched back in May of 2021, as it built on what fans loved about Resident Evil 7, but also added to it in ways.  However, since launching the game hasn’t had much in the way of DLC, which is a real surprise given how well it was received.  This is also a bit odd as normally there is a solid flow of DLC for Resident Evil titles post launch – both in terms of new story content, but also cosmetic items.  That has changed with Resident Evil Village: Winters Expansion – a pack that contains a new story add-on for Village, though beware this may be the first real DLC for the game… but it may be the only core DLC that Village will get as well.  The pack also marks the launch of the Resident Evil Re:Verse – a multiplayer game – as well as a number of tweaks to the core Resident Evil: Village game, with the biggest being a new third person camera option and some new mercenaries content too.

For a lot of people the new third person camera system will be a reason to play through the main game again and rightly so.  It gives it all… a new perspective, which really shows off the world of Village like never before and for the most part lets you see it all in third person except for a few cut scenes that jump back to first person.  The real meat of this Winter’s Expansion DLC drop is Shadow of Rose, which picks up some sixteen years after the events of Resident Evil Village.  To avoid HUGE spoilers for the core game let’s say Rose finds out she has something she really doesn’t want.  To get rid of it, she must enter a dream state which is where she must find a way to remove it.  In this dreamscape you’ll have new powers and weapons that are not in the core game and add a new element to things.  It’s a bit on the short side taking only 3 to 4 hours to complete, though this doesn’t take away from its impact as it’s oddly a bit more disturbing and scarier at times than the core game.  Given this may be the only story DLC Village will see, a bit more length wouldn’t have gone amiss.  Plus given the time jump between this and the core game, it will be very interesting to see where Capcom takes the series next, so cue endless fan theories and ideas.

You also get access to Resident Evil Re:Verse – a new multiplayer based game in the Resident Evil universe and if you’re a fan you’ll know that multiplayer and Resident Evil never sit well in a sentence.  This does not change that one bit… OK it can be fun at times, but this spin on Deathmatch never really sticks the landing – seeing you battling to collect T-virus vials, then being turned into some of the series most iconic monsters when you die to have one last go.  You get to pick from one of six different series heroes, though brace yourself there are no surprises here, as they are all the headliners… well other than Hunk.  Each has their own skills and loadouts, so find your favourite or more likely the best is key to victory.  I get it’s technically a “freebie” of sorts, but it’s extremely light on content.  There are only two maps – the Bakers house and the RPD building – and there is just the one mode; Deathmatch, but it’s really lacking longevity in an Overwatch 2 and Warzone 2 world.  Its controls are stiff, it’s got more than a few balancing issues and for a game that comes off the back of Village… and it’s far from a looker.  If you’re a fan you’ll get a few hours fun from it, but that’s about it sadly.  And that’s before we even mention having to shell out real cash for the best perks… hmmm.

Rounding out the DLC you can now play the mercenaries horde mode, as a number of the game’s bad guys… which I’ll not lie is great fun getting to be on the other side of that razor sharp hand.
Resident Evil Village: Winters Expansion (or Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition if you’re picking up the complete bundle) is a cracking package – not only a brilliant core game, but made better by the included DLC.  Whereas returning fans will have a good time with Shadow of Rose and the mercenaries content, while the new camera mode gives you a strong enough reason to do it all over again.   Re:Verse is best forgotten about to be honest, unless it gets some serious overhauling.

An Xbox review copy of Resident Evil Village: Winters Expansion DLC was provided by Capcom’s PR team, and it’s available now on PlayStation, Xbox and PC for around £15.

The Verdict


The Good: More story content | Fun additions | New camera system

The Bad: Re:Verse

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