Red Siren: Space Defense

Red Siren: Space Defense

Mobile shooter thrills come to consoles.

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Mobile and console gaming are very much different beasts, with what works on one platform is not guaranteed to work on the other, as history has shown with a number of mobile titles that have made the jump to consoles.  The latest title to try and stick this landing is Red Siren: Space Defense – a 2018 mobile game that has recently been ported to consoles.  In a war-torn future, you take control of a spaceship from Red Siren’s combat squad, who are tasked with protecting humanity’s scant resources from raiders and other nasties.  And that about covers it for story… in other words: you’re here to shoot anything that moves.

Quickly after firing things up, you can see its mobile roots showing with the simplicity of gameplay.  It combines twin-stick shooting with tower defence vibes, where you are given a home-base and must defend it at all costs.  Red Siren: Space Defense sees you moving around the side-scrolling levels unleashing a beefy arsenal of firepower, destroying enemy ships and robots that are out to destroy your base.  Things begin easily enough, manoeuvring with the left stick and firing your machine gun with the right.  To make things even simpler, your guns auto-target when you get close enough.  As you clear levels things start to get much more ”difficult” as enemies will approach your base from both sides, meaning having to switch and swap sides to take care of which flank has the most pressing threat.

You can upgrade and unlock extra ships and weapons when not on a mission.  These new weapons each have a different firing trajectory and cooldown.  There is a healthy number of weapons to buy, then upgrade and getting used to your newest toy will take some time.  The mobile roots show again here, as you will have to do some real grinding if you want to unlock the best kit.  Unlike the original free-to-play mobile game, you won’t have the option of microtransactions (thank god) to speed up this “grind”.  The game features a campaign made up from some 60 odd missions.  Each mission features three challenges you can complete for bonus money.  Some of which are super easy, others are a right pain in the back side.  Speaking of which there are a few levels that break up the constant battling, one seeing you protecting a spaceship as it powers up for hyper speed and is OK as you blast space rocks, mines and enemy fighters to dust.  The other mission type however, is a nightmare where you are tasked with finding supplies in the dark in a minefield… yes trash doesn’t even come close to how I feel about these levels, but thank God you can skip them as they are truly dreadful.

Visually for a mobile port, the game looks great.  The backgrounds are layered with a nice level of detail, giving the impression of a 3D world.  Ship and enemy designs are also solid.  Red Siren: Space Defense is a simple title in a lot of ways, that doesn’t have a lot to keep you hanging around for long sessions.  Though it can be fun, it’s very light on the content beyond getting bigger guns and ships that are all hidden behind some unholy grinds.  If you’re looking for something to fill 5 minutes between games, it’ll tick that box, but at £7.99 you may be just as well looking out the window.

An Xbox review code of Red Siren: Space Defense was provided by IsTom Games PR team and is available now on Xbox One and Switch.

The Verdict


The Good: Super easy | Looks good

The Bad: Grind | Very light on content | Never shakes its mobile roots

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