PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PC)

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PC)

Two times the charm?

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A lot of work goes into being a video game developer.  Not only do you spend a large amount of time creating a game just the way you envision it, but then you quickly have to move on to newer and better things.  But every so often a developer will create a gem that is so worth playing, so rich in content and addictive play, that game makers find themselves returning to their old projects to see what can be done to enrich and re-release the experience.  Much like a band will remaster an old album or give an alternate take on a hit song,  game devs find themselves looking back to past games and even more now in this “remake and remaster” mentality that has been flooding the industry as of late.  Is this a bad thing?

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While some may argue that remastering a game keeps the industry from moving forward,  I think they are wonderful to the extent that it puts it out there for those that want it, and if you don’t you can let it pass on by.  Now my intention is not to bring up a debate about what is right and wrong in the games industry, rather my goal is to show how great it can be when old games are given the extra love and time needed to bring them up to where devs had originally intended them to be, and at times even surpass that.

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Double Eleven has now brought PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate to PC, which includes everything that made its re-release on PS4 last year, and its original release on PS3, so special.  Fluid physics gameplay, arcade like ship control, varied levels with increasingly difficult enemies, and rewarding resource management.  You name it and it is here, and maybe it’s just a little bit better.  Transitioning from console to PC was seamless and the game plays like any twin stick shooter would.  WSAD serves as your left stick and the mouse is your right stick plus trigger controls.   With the option to map controls to your preference, PC gamers who prefer mouse and keyboard will feel right at home.  Maybe I am slightly biased as a primarily console oriented gamer, but I feel that PixelJunk Shooter was made for a gamepad.  Playing into the twin stick shooter experience, no button layout really quite resembles a good old stick.  Thankfully, gamepad support is fully integrated so you can pick and choose your favorite setup.

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Graphically the new Ultimate UI is a nice change and being able to switch between Classic and Ultimate versions on the fly is a nice addition, but I see very little visual difference between last year’s PS4 release and this one.  The frame rate appears to be locked on PC at 60 FPS and even moderate gaming rigs can handle it without any hiccups.  The music is crisp and entertaining throughout, so the whole experience just feels good.  From the way that your ship has a little bit of momentum to it, to the way that the game music fades and distorts a bit as you go under water, PixelJunk Shooter just feels like the complete package.

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If you have yet to play a PixelJunk game, now is the time to jump and pick this one up, especially as it has both Shooter parts in one package, with enhanced features and art all for one low price.  Hard to go wrong there.  The PlayStation gamers have been lucky for the last couple of years, but PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is here on PC, so now is better than ever to give this a go.  Although it’s new to PC, there is not a lot of new here for those who already played to their hearts contents on PS4, but like I said earlier, at least they are making it available to some of those who couldn’t play it first time around.

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Our original review of PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is here, and you can pick up the game on Steam, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita right now.

A review code for Steam was provided Double Eleven’s PR team. 

The Verdict


The Good: Smooth, arcade shooting physics | Resource management |Collectible tracking

The Bad: None worth mentioning

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