MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends

Let off-road battle commence.

mx vs atv legends

When it comes to off-road thrills one series has been trying to get to the top spot on the podium for years now, but just falls short year after year… after year.  Arizona-based Rainbow Studios are hoping this is all about to change with their latest instalment in this long running muddy series.  MX vs ATV Legends also marks the first time the series has seen action on the next gen machines, so hopes are high that more power can pull it out of the rut it’s been in for a while now.

Things start out well in MX vs ATV Legends as you are dropped in the semi-open compound, which acts as a tutorial and playground – where you’ll learn the ropes, as well as have a bit of fun finding out how your bike handles, bagging a few collectables as well.  Though beware it’s nowhere near as big an area as the game would have you believe, so don’t expect to ride into the sunset here.  Once you have cleared a few mandatory tutorials which take you through core skills, you find that they also start to highlight a few of the issues the game has… like the controls when you are jumping, which are mapped around the sticks.  It’s ok on paper, but unbelievably unwieldy when you are in the heat of a race and the smallest movement on the stick sends you flying in the totally wrong direction.

As for racing it’s a mix of career and invitational fare where your goal is simple – win the race to gain fans and currency, which helps you get a few upgrades.  Even though MX vs ATV Legends is all wrapped around a very light tale, it does see you bombing around a number of honestly well designed dirt bowls, with a good mix of jumps and terrain to challenge you.  The biggest threat to you in races is the other AI racers, ranging from masters of all things off-road to just wanting to smash and bash into you time and time again.  It’s a bit unbalanced and does begin to grate after a time.  What is more interesting though is the new trails mode, which gives a number of open tracks with multiple routes you can take and learning the best and fastest ones really do payoff.

One of the biggest selling points of the series is that you’re also able to get your kicks from more than MX bikes, but also ATVs and UTVs with each having their own handling and feel as well as weighting, which you have to really understand if you want to take the win.  Switching to four wheels does take the edge off the difficulty a fair bit, as it’s just overall more forgiving given the nature of the machines.  Customisation is shockingly light in terms of what other racers and even MX titles offer, with you being able to tweak the parts on your ride to get a bit more power, as well as changing the look of your rider and ride too… but that’s about it.

MX vs ATV Legends is a real mix bag of a title falling short in a number of areas like visuals, controls and AI, but it does have its moments… though is far from being a great game.  If you want a title that brings key parts of off-road racing together, then you’ll have some fun.  However, if you’re looking for a solid MX title there are better out there.

An Xbox One review copy of MX vs ATV Legends was provided by Rainbow Studios PR team, and the game is available now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC for around £35.

The Verdict


The Good: Mix of off-road machines | Fun at times

The Bad: Weak controls | Poor visuals | Paper thin career

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