Mantis Burn Racing: Snowbound & Elite Class DLC

Mantis Burn Racing: Snowbound & Elite Class DLC

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We reviewed the core Mantis Burn Racing game back in October 2016 and enjoyed the top down arcade action it offered, but felt that it lacked tracks.  Well… VooFoo Studios have corrected that by releasing an additional 4 set in an Arctic tundra that challenge your understanding of grip and balance.  What’s more, there’s no charge for them either.  To make the most of the new environment there are some extra vehicles up for grabs, and whilst they do cost, you’ll be paying less than the cost of a coffee for them.  So, is it worth revisiting for the extra content?

Where do we start with this?  How about combining the two?  Heading to the career menu and cycling through all the leagues takes you to Elite Class where you’ll find the new vehicles and a whole season of new events, with the Snowbound tracks tucked into them.  The new cars aren’t just extensions to the already packed roster, but totally reworked hover vehicles that look more like WipeOut prototypes.  One of the selling points of Mantis Burn Racing is the handling mechanics and the impact of the racing surface, though with the Elite Class there’s no contact with the ground to cause you concern.  Besides, you’ll be too busy learning how to handle these because they’re nothing like the standard ones in the rest of the game.

There’s a tangible floaty feeling to them and braking points and corner positioning have to be re-evaluated to make sure you don’t spend your time pinballing between other vehicles and the walls.  With less friction comes more speed meaning that when you inevitably do hit a barrier, momentum is massively scrubbed off, and then there’s more ground to make up when you get overtaken.  Boost feels easier to earn with the amount of drift and air the Elite Class get, and it’s needed because the competition is fierce.  Jumping from Rookie straight into this new content is not recommended if you don’t like coming last.

If it’s just the new tracks you’re after then they can be found in the custom race area – just pick your mode and vehicle and head out.  With four variations in Snowbound, each is very different and comes with it’s own challenges.  Some have surfaces that go from heavy snow to dirt and back again; some are tight and twisty and not drift friendly if you want to stay out of the wall; and some have some insane jumps that build boost but make you pick your landing point extremely carefully.  The tracks in the base Mantis Burn Racing game were good fun and the new ones simply repeat what’s been done before.  It’d have been good if these were available from the original release, but you can’t complain when they’re a free download.

For low cost and the additional variety the DLC adds to Mantis Burn Racing, it’s worth plumping for the packs if you’ve got the original game and want to get more from it.  The Elite Class can be upgraded in the same way as all the other vehicles, and there are three types to master.  The Snowbound tracks take some learning and mastering because of the slick and slippery track surfaces – and just ooze boost opportunities with how quickly it builds in any car.  There are some rough edges still like poor collision detection after jumps (continued crashing out on an invisible barrier got very annoying), and the difficulty is a step up, but who wants a walk in the park when you can have a burn through the canyons?

PS4 review codes for the Mantis Burn Racing DLC were provided by the VooFoo Studios PR team, and the content is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.  Snowbound is free and the Elite Class is available for £1.99.

The Verdict


The Good: Nice track additions | Lots of extra events

The Bad: Hard as nails | Invisible airborne walls

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