Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black

Guaranteed to blow your mind.

Game Pass for Xbox is just a gift that keeps on giving and thanks to that, I came across this hidden gem in Killer Queen Black that I would have likely never noticed, had it not been for game pass.  This game is pure, chaotic fun and a great go to game for when your friends are all online and you just want some laughter.  It’s an arcade action game, also described as strategy, but whilst playing it, I would argue not so much strategy as just fun chaos.  It’s 4v4 online but if you don’t have that many players, you can have some bot minions which, surprisingly, don’t entirely suck.  Each team consists of a Queen who always has a sword, along with 3 worker Bees who start off with no weapon, but once can be earned during the match.

There are three ways to win this game:

  1. Military win (which is as it sounds – just fight). To get this win, you have to take out the enemy queen three times.
  2. Economic – this is more for the worker bees as they can collect berries on the map and return to home base.
  3. Snail win – which is probably the hardest to pull off. Jump on the snail and it will very slowly move across the map to your finish line.  However, doing it this way can only be done by worker bees, providing you don’t have a weapon, but it also makes you a very easy target.

The berries also have another purpose, as the worker bees can grab one and put it in container-like devices on the map, which could give a weapon or a shield.  In all the games of Killer Queen Black I have played, most people seem to grab the weapon and just unleash more chaos and aim to destroy the queen.  The queen, however, always has a sword as well as better reach with it, along with being a lot more mobile than the worker bees, so you have to get the timing right.

The games in Killer Queen Black flow very quickly, so its ideal for a quick blast and provides a lot of laughter and banter.  With the year we had last year and are still having, we all need any laughter we can get right now and what better way than being a Killer Bee?!  I’d compare this game to a game called Tower Fall ascension.  Like that, in this the maps are open and gives plenty of attack choices.  This can make it a bit hard to follow if you’re playing with the max number of 4v4, but it never feels unfair, it just constantly feels fun.  The graphics themselves are like marmite, as it will come down to whether you like or loathe the graphics style.  I personally like it, but if you’re expecting triple a games graphics, this game won’t deliver that, but then again, it’s not aiming to.  I highly recommend this game and if any one has game pass, there is no excuse not to try it.  It will provide plenty of entertainment but don’t be too mean to the worker bees – after all, they only want that sweet ride of a snail!

Killer Queen Black is available now on PC, Xbox One and Switch for around £20.

The Verdict


The Good: Fast paced | Good multiplayer vibes

The Bad: Graphical style is love or loathe

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