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High On Life

(Before we even get started with this review its worth saying right away that if you are not a fan of Justin Roiland or his brand of humour, this is a game that its 1000% not for you.  Its core is built around his signature humour… to the point if you push it to the side you’d be left with a very so-so action shooter.  But… if you’re a fan you’re in for a real treat.)  The man behind shows like Rick and Morty and the founder of Squanch Games has really made a name for himself with over the top and often extremely adult based schoolboy comedy, which some love, but also some hate in equal measures.  High on Life is the latest game from the studio and it very much follows the path set in the brilliant and criminally overlooked Trover Saves the Universe.  There is a solid functioning game in the background, but it’s the gags and jokes that push you on throughout.

It’s a bit of a high risk strategy as comedy and gaming are often never good bed-fellows, but in High on Life’s case it nails Roiland’s signature humour 100% from beginning to end, which fans will love.  The game’s tale is a simple one in ways – as you play as a teen who one day finds aliens have land outside his house.  Going to investigate you find a talking gun called Kenny – played by Roiland (doing one of the two voices he does in Rick & Morty, and in this case it’s Morty); and you find out these aliens are going to enslave the human race and make them into the latest interstellar drug.  So with the help of a washed up bounty hunter you don his old armour and blast your way through the evil aliens or as the game calls them – the G3 cartel.  With this being a Squanch Game there’s much more going on here than just the core tale, as taking your time really rewards you with the games funniest content.

The hook to the combat is the talking guns – who are call Gatlians – and each one you find serves as a standard role, i.e., pistol, shotgun or sniper with a few more interesting ones in the mix as well.  The gunplay is fun and easy going, but it’s the fact your firearm will burst out with one liners, or pass comments on the world, that will have you laughing out loud over the games run time.  Each gun has its own personality; to the point if you don’t use them often they will say that you are neglecting them.  When not shooting gangsters, High On Life has you doing a bit of platforming and exploring around the worlds you’ll find yourself in.  You’ll use different abilities from slowing time, to making platforms with huge blades which will help you finding collectables and other unlocks, as well as coming across new colourful and unpredictable characters.  This also brings in a bit of replayability, as you will find areas you can’t get to at first, but will get a gun or piece of kit that will allow you later down the line.  Backtracking to past worlds is well worth your time.

For a game built on comedy this is extremely self-aware and it lands the punchlines more often than not, which is no surprise give the people behind it.  Visually the game has Squanch Games signature style so expect everything to be colourful and like a Justin Roiland cartoon come to life.  Voice acting is OUTSTANDING from your guns being voiced by J.B. Smoove, Betsy Sodaro and Tim Robinson, to the countless supporting voices of the NPC’s… it’s top tier stuff.  High on Life continues Justin Roiland’s rise in the world of gaming thanks to writing that is totally on another level that feels like a game made for gamers by gamers.  If you’re a fan of this brand of humour, you need to play this… it’s just that simple.

An Xbox review copy of High On Life was provided by Squanch Games PR team, and it’s available now on Xbox and PC for around £60 (or currently on Game Pass for subscribers).

The Verdict


The Good: Writing | Voice acting | Overall quality

The Bad: Gunplay is a little simple | You need to like its type of humour

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