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Gunfire Reborn

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gunfire reborn

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a Rogue-lite and blended it with a bit of Borderlands and added a dash of cute furry animals to it all?  No?…  Well Chinese studio Duoyi Games have and the result is their latest title Gunfire Reborn.  That may hit you as a cute and cuddly title at first, but don’t be fooled… under its charming visuals, lives a shooter with a surprising amount of hidden depth.  This is actually the game’s second wind of sorts, as it originally hit the PC back in 2020 before it’s made its way to the console with this port.

Gunfire Reborn’s tale is a simple one thankfully – being from a Chinese studio it’s fair to say there is a bit of lost in translation going on; but in short you’re a furry warrior out to stop an ancient evil and in doing so you’ll hopefully bag yourself some sweet loot at the same time.  That’s the elevator pitch for the tale if I’m being fair, but it’s all you need unless you’re looking to do a good bit of digging.  Each of the game’s fur clad heroes has their own back story, most based around Chinese myth and legends.  Again the translation is a bit poorly handled on this side, with quite often non-English text popping up along the way mostly Chinese; but I also spotted French and Spanish as well.

Though the tale has been (let’s be honest) just passably handled, the gameplay picks up a lot of the slack as it’s a simple loop, but most importantly a fun one.  Gunfire Reborn sees you fighting hordes of bad guys all built around a very light Rogue-lite frame, that has a beefy unlock tree – which as you start to climb really rewards you with a feeling of power.  You’ll go on countless runs to bag the points needed to unlock new skills and abilities, as you attack randomly generated levels with a boss at the end of each set.  When killing enemies, you will collect coins and essence, which you can use to purchase weapons, occult scrolls, and level up weapons to make them more powerful.  The procedural generation is OK, though in the early game you’ll feel like you have run through the same room more than a few times.  However, keep at it and things begin to open up with a number of new themed backdrops.  This is also true of the enemies you’ll fight along the way in that it takes a bit of time for them to mix things up.

You have a beefy arsenal you’ll have access to that never stops evolving as each fight brings loot drops – which means new toys.  Although if you’re running in solo, it may feel extremely generous on that front, as I think it’s all built around the max 4 player model.  There is a real Borderland style system in affect here on the weapons front as you will find countless new offerings, but quickly spot that they all fall into more traditional architypes like SMG, assault rifle and snipers, and you’ll very quickly end up just chasing higher numbers from drops.  Also worth noting is each of the games colourful animal heroes comes with their own abilities, so picking which best suits you will take some time.  Although for the best ones you’ll have to save up your coins to unlock them, as even after a campaign completion you’ll still be a long way off getting access to the full crew.

Visually the game is very much from the Borderlands school of cell shading, though it’s maybe just a little too flat here at times compared to its inspiration.  The framerate is beyond solid throughout the adventure, which is a big plus given the amount of action on screen at times.  Gunfire Reborn is rough in ways, but at its core is non-stop action built around a fun and enjoyable core.  If you can overlook its questionable translating at times, there are more than a few nights fun to be had here with a few mates.

An Xbox review copy of Gunfire Reborn was provided by Duoyi Games PR team, and the game is out now on Xbox, PC and PlayStation for around £20.

The Verdict


The Good: Fun gameplay | Addictive gunplay | Cute cast of heroes

The Bad: Visually a bit flat | Overall translation is weak | Procedural generation takes time to really kick in

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