Gesture Ninja

Gesture Ninja

Time to join the Prof and Brian again as they hunt down games that cost less than your cappuccino. This week's 'Cost of a Coffee' game is Gesture Ninja.

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Have you ever wanted to take out a ninja with a one fingered punch?  This week’s ‘Cost of a Coffee’ game is Gesture Ninja.

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“Hello, I’m Professor Kelvin Harris, the resident scientist here at and this bumbling simpleton is my lab assistant, Brian.”


“Together we’ve been tasked to identify games that you can enjoy for less than the cost of your daily cappuccino and with good reason too; some people seem reluctant to spend a few pound on a mobile game yet every hour in the United Kingdom we spend over £100,000 on coffee, which is enough to pay for 5 years of ninja training in Japan.”

“I love ninjas Professor!  Sometimes I dress up in my pyjamas and sneak about in the dark.”

“Because they are black cotton Brian?”

“No, because they have the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on them.”

“Of course they do…  Why wouldn’t they?  This week’s game for the ‘Cost of a Coffee’ is Gesture Ninja on iOS.  Gesture Ninja is a rhythm action beat ‘em up developed by Miklos Kekkoi, who provided us with an unsolicited review copy of a game where you take on the role of a stick figure ninja and that’s about it terms of plot.  You swipe and tap to strike your enemies and the number of hits required to defeat them, is indicated by the colour of your sticky foe.  According to the tutorial you can change into any one of four different martial arts stances, but it doesn’t however give any explanation as to why you might want to do that.  The aim of the game is to survive as long as you can.  The game is graphically simplistic, sometimes the taps and swipes didn’t quite register as they were meant to, it’s got nothing going on in the way of plot or subtext and the sound consists of three different kiai noises.”


“Is it worth the ‘Cost of a Coffee’ Professor?”

“Well the game costs 69 pence, which is babyccino territory Brian, but the frothy milk beverage is certainly more relaxing than the hit and miss hits and kicks

“Is that it Professor?  Seems a bit short this week.”

“Not really much else to say Brian.  Why don’t you talk about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a minute to fill time?”

“Well there’s 4 of them Professor and they have a giant rat for a boss which is mint and one of them is Liquid Snake off of Metal Gear Solid.  Their main bad guy is an alien brain called Krang and he has a mate called Shredder and a mutant warthog and rhino whose names are Bebop and Rocksteady, but I don’t remember which is which.”

“That’ll do pig, that’ll do.  ‘Cost of a Coffee’ is a production of Codec Moments.”

“For more information, or if you can recommend a game that costs less than a cappuccino, please visit or e-mail  You can also tweet us @CodecMoments or Facebook and Google+ us.”

“See you next time.”

The Verdict


The Good: There are 3 different kiah noises and 4 different stances.

The Bad: There are only 3 different kiah noises and no-one seems to know what the stances do…

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