Freshly Frosted

Freshly Frosted

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freshly frosted

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a donut?  It’s a sweet treat that will always put a smile on your face, even the likes of Xbox are getting in on the action with special themed Forza donuts at Krispy Kreme.  Indie studio The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild have a love for donuts as well, if their latest game Freshly Frosted is anything to go by.  It’s a colourful laid back puzzler that is packed with charm, but don’t let your guard down as across its 144 dough filled puzzles, you have to work your grey matter from time to time.

Freshly Frosted has a light hearted tale at its core, which sees a woman relaxing on a sunny day dreaming of the perfect donut factory (like we all have).  To be fair it’s a “nice” tale with the woman narrating things as you go, with different sound bites before and after each puzzle.  She even lends you a helping hand if you find yourself stumped at any point, offering up a few helpful tips and also more than a few donut facts along the way too.  Gameplay is all based around a production line and it’s your job to work out how to get the donuts to the exit, by building a conveyor belt around the set areas.  Things get more challenging as you have more donuts to make all with different elements like icing or jam.  To complete these there is a set order that toppings must be added… so icing before sprinkles, but never after jam.

Once you get your head around that side of things, Freshly Frosted amps things up having you build and make multiple donuts and conveyor belts.  Keeping your eye on where things go is key to achieving your goals.  The levels are dished up as groups of 12 seen as boxes of donuts, but with each new level something is added to keep things feeling fresh.  A huge part of the game is accessibility, as there are a lot of options to dial it into the needs and tastes of each player.  These range from from how the controls work, down to being given hints on what to do next or just even skipping a level you get stuck on.  Visually the game is a fest of pastel colours with greens, blues and reds leading the way.  They all add to the dream-like vibe of the tale, while delivering a very clean art style.  Yes, each donut you craft looks even tastier than the last (defo don’t play this if you’re hungry).  Sound wise things are handled well with a good selection of tracks and a very satisfying feature that when you finish a level and start the conveyor belts, the machine is in time with the soundtrack so it bangs and clangs along to the beat.  Voice acting has been done very well with an honest sounding touch of sincerity and care to it.

Freshly Frosted is a cracking little puzzler that has its gearing just right, adding new elements and challenges at just the right pace while keeping its laid back vibes intact.  If you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face and make you hungry for more… this is a sugar rush well worth taking.

An Xbox review copy of Freshly Frosted was provided by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild’s PR team, and the game is available now on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch for around £10.

The Verdict


The Good: Laid back | Chilled | Fun challenge

The Bad: Hint system is limited

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