Fast Rummy

Fast Rummy

This week in Cost of a Coffee, the Professor and Brian have been playing Fast Rummy on iOS from Webgarden LLC.


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In this week’s Cost of a Coffee, the Prof and Brian have been playing Fast Rummy by Webgarden LLC.

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“Hello, I’m Professor Kelvin Harris and this fine specimen of a potato, but sadly less than shining example of people, is my lab assistant Brian.”


“Now some people will think nothing of popping into their local coffee shop and spending several pounds on a foamy chai latte; yet the very same people will recoil in terror at the thought of spending money on a mobile game.  Brian and I are on a mission to point out games that you should adopt or avoid in lieu of your daily coffee grind.  Everyday in the United Kingdom we spend more than £2.5 million pounds on coffee and remarkably less on gin rummy.”

“I’m not allowed Gin Professor, not after that retirement party.  It made me reet sad.”

“…and fighty.”

“Oh yeah, and fighty.”

“…and you got together with the cleaner whose retirement party it was, you remember the 65 year old one with no teeth.”

“That’s what made me sad and fighty Professor.”

“Touche Sir.  Well Brian, Gin Rummy is nothing to do with the drink, it’s a card game that this week’s ‘Cost of a Coffee’ game is based on.  Fast Rummy from Webgarden is a quick to play 7 card variety of classic rummy that’s available on iOS now.  You are dealt seven cards and you need to make sets of three or four of a kind and/or suited runs of three or more cards, in order to score points.  Each hand consists of three rounds and in first two you pick the cards you want to discard before being dealt that many new cards before the next round; in the third round you place your cards on the table and go tete a tete with your opponent.  The game goes on until one of you reaches 100 points.”

“So is it worth the ‘Cost of a Coffee’ Professor?”

“Well the game features a single game option and tournament play, but there’s no variety in game modes and the only opponents available are virtual so there’s no competitive online play.  The sound and graphics are basic, but it’s a card game so let’s be honest, no-one’s going to be too shocked that it’s not rendered in 3D with dynamic lighting.  If you fancy a quick blast of simplistic card strategy for the price of a glass of warm milk, then this might be right up your alley.  At 69p it’s easy enough to overlook the lack of variety, but the fast paced seven card action over three rounds actually detracts a little bit from the experience and makes many rounds feel more like luck of the draw than skillful calculation of the odds.”

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“A copy of Fast Rummy was provided by Webgarden LLC for the purposes of our review.”

“Cost of a Coffee is a Codec Moments production, for more information and to see a video of Fast Rummy in action, check out”

“If you can recommend a game that costs less than your cappuccino, you can e-mail the Professor using the e-mail address  You can also tweet us @CodecMoments or get in touch using Facebook and Google+.”

“See you next time.”

The Verdict


The Good: A quick card game that has that ‘just one more go’ quality and comes ad free for 69p

The Bad: Gets repetitive quickly with little variety to game modes.

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