EPOS H3PRO Wireless Headphones

EPOS H3PRO Wireless Headphones

Is this your new favourite headset?

epos h3pro

Right I know I’m not really allowed to have “favourites” in this game, but when it comes to headsets I can’t get over just how good the EPOS H3 Hybrid headset is.  This has been my go-to headset for the past 6 months thanks to a number of features.  But there is a new kid on the block… the EPOS H3PRO Hybrid which takes the H3 Hybrid foundation and builds on it.  But it’s £239.99 compared to its £149.99 brother, so is it worth the upgrade?

The H3PRO is a closed back gaming headset with ANC (active noise cancelling).  Out the box the first thing that hits you, is the weight of the headset and if you have used the H3 Hybrid model as the PRO feels a touch heavier in the hand… not hugely, but enough to notice, clocking in at 308g.  You’ll also find a few cables: a USB 2.0 cable which is also connected to the dongle and is a really nice addition as it helps with access to the dongle when it’s plugged into a PC, instead of having to dig around the back of your tower when you are using it wirelessly.  There is also a 3.5mm jack, which is your console passport and lets you connect to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.  And finally a good length USB-C cable to charge the headset with.  The EPOS H3PRO Hybrid aims at being a one stop shop for a headset, as it hits all the marks from gaming to listening to music on the go, and it comes fit to fight and then some with options to remove the boom mic and cover it.  If you have used the EPOS H3 Hybrid then the PRO control layout on the headset will be no surprise.  There are a handful of buttons and ports along with a big volume dial built into the side of the right ear cup.  All easy to use and find, when the headset is on your head which is a plus.

The H3PRO also features Bluetooth, which lets you connect to a device, as well as your gaming system.  You can play music or have phone calls at the same time as getting into an almighty fight in Warzone or in a chat party with your mates.  The boom mic features the flip to mute ability, which does come in handy if you need to mute yourself in the heat of a battle.  As for the overall fit, it’s what you would expect from EPOS.  With comfortable ear cups, as well as a nicely padded headband, that is a different material to the H3 Hybrid model, but is arguably more comfortable especially after wearing them for a time.  We tested the headset across the three core systems playing the likes of Rainbow Six, Mario Kart Deluxe, Halo Infinite and Warzone and sound quality was extremely impressive with a rich sound sphere, but also nice weighty bass tones when things kicked off.  As for the mic and its output quality we found was crisp and clear when in chat parties or making calls via Bluetooth, and though not mind-blowing it did a solid job.  The ANC is turned on with a flip of a switch and is an interesting feature that works, but is patchy at times.  Though when everything is in line it’s great, yet those moments can be few and far between.

To get the very best from the headset you really need to hook it up to the EPOS sound software, as it hands you the keys to the castle and you can tweak and switch countless options and levels to adjust them to your taste.  You can also build profiles for your different games, which is a great feature given your perfect Warzone audio settings may not be too hot in Rainbow Six say… well, until you press that profile button.  There is also an app you can link to the headset to do tweaks on the fly, though getting it linked to the app was easier said than done to be honest.  The EPOS H3PRO Hybrid is a real all-rounder on the headset front, which delivers great audio, but also doubles as a solid headset for out and about use.  At £239.99 they are £140 odd more than the H3 Hybrid model, but the sheer number of features does raise the deal and make them the ultimate H3 model to date and my new favourite… shhhh.

A review set of the EPOS H3PRO Hybrids were provided by EPOS’ PR team, and they’re available from all good hardware stockists – but we recommend clicking this link to check out the full EPOS range that Currys stock in the UK.

The Verdict


The Good: Fit and feel | Overall audio | Features heavy

The Bad: Mic given the price | The app | The ANC

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