Disc Room

Disc Room

It's like Cube and Escape Room hooked up with Saw.

disc room

If Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is a chilled out laidback puzzler, then at the other end of the spectrum you’ll find Disc Room: a tense, sweat inducing, panic filled puzzler.  Developed by a small team – Jan Willem Nijman, Kitty Calis, Terri Vellmann, DOSEONE and published by Devolver Digital – and is out to truly test you.  If you are looking for an epic tale you’ll be disappointed, as beyond a few comic strip style scenes, there isn’t much and what’s there tells a tale of scientist finding a disc in space and then you’re off to the chop shop in more ways than one.

You are faced with escaping a room… easy?  Well not really as each room you find yourself in has ever more complex and deadly spinning blades in it, which you have to dodge for a set time in order to make it to the next room and do it all over again.  Death is plentiful here as each room drops you in with no idea of what’s coming, which means the learning curve is quite steep from the get-go, as once you get by the first few rooms the gloves truly come off.  From blades that slowdown time to ones that have irritating speed boosts, you never know what’s coming next, including being dropped in a dark room, with a small red field of view to try and dodge your way to victory.  Oh and there are also boss rooms that ramp things up even more and will truly test you, as you move to defeat an even bigger spinning blade, while trying to dodge a never ending assault of others.

The more you play Disc Room the better you’ll get and the more skills you find to help get the upper hand.  Like cloning yourself and having a handy dash to save your bacon at the last second.  But you never truly feel comfortable with what you are about to face.  Each room can last minutes or secs and the longer you last can bank you a high score to throw on the scoreboard and challenge your mates, which is a nice touch thanks to the online leader boards.  To move from room to room you’ll have to complete a number of objectives, which help to take your mind off the constant grind of live, dodge, die, repeat and these objectives are pretty doable on the whole meaning you are never in the same room for too long.

Visually Disc Room has a sketchy art style with thick black outlines, being the order of the day adding a real cartoon vibe, which deceivingly fits the carnage on show at times.  Soundtrack wise it hits it out the park, with a real array of bangers that really get you fired up before each room kicks in.  Disc Room is panic inducing no question about it, but also super rewarding too.  This brutal puzzler always keeps you on your toes from minute to minute.  Yes, it could be argued that it’s a touch repetitive in ways, but if you’re looking for a short and sharp rush its perfect.

Disc Room is out now on PC, Switch and Xbox One for around £15 depending on platform.

The Verdict


The Good: Brutal | Challenging | Rewarding

The Bad: Brutal | Unforgiving

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