BPM: Bullets Per Minute

BPM: Bullets Per Minute

Ever wanted to play first person shooter but in the style of Guitar Hero?

BPM: Bullets Per Minute

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is entirely different from any FPS game I have played, and I have played a lot.  What makes BPM different from any other FPS game I have played before is that it’s all driven to the beat of the music, which makes the game completely crazy.  When you shoot or reload in this game, you have to fire your weapon to the beat of the music and half-beat if you are good with your timing.  This adds an extra level of difficulty like no other game from this genre.  There is a gauge on the screen to help you with this, but it’s still very challenging to get right.

The game itself is based on something similar to Doom; however, BPM’s levels are procedurally generated.  You start in a safe room then you go from room to room killing enemies, gathering tokens and trying not to die, which is very easy to do in this game.  As you clear each area a chest will appear which will hold tokens to spend to replenish health and purchase upgrades.  Some of the rooms contain a boss which are even harder to kill, but once you have succeeded this challenge, you will get a key which will open up a new area.  There are also different weapons to unlock as you go which bring there own challenges such as a revolver style weapon which fires two bullets at once but also requires you to load individual bullets to the beat.

BPM has a very different look about it, it looks great, only it’s almost as if someone has tweaked the contrast a bit too much, but it works.  The game is tough to get the hang of because like anyone, you walk into a room full of enemies and you want to shoot as quick as your weapon will allow.  Once you have the rhythm down and it clicks the game is very satisfying to play until you pick up a new gun and you have to learn it’s quirks.  Don’t worry though mighty gamer, if you can’t get the your head around that everything happens on the beat (apart from jumping) there is an option to turn on Auto Rhythm so if you pick this up and struggle to fire on the right note you can turn this option on so it will play like a traditional shooter and you don’t have to worry about the timing.  This is a great option which will make it accessible for anyone who wishes to pick this up.

Overall Bullets Per Minute is a great idea for a game, it can be a rather hard when you go into panic mode but it has tons of replay value and is something different from what I have ever played before.

A PC review code of BPM was provided by Awe Interactive’s PR team, and it’s available now on PC for around £15.

The Verdict


The Good: Challenging | Different take on an FPS | Fun

The Bad: Hard to learn | Not pick up and play | Graphics wont be to everyone’s taste

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