Bionik Quickshot Triggers

Bionik Quickshot Triggers

Give me a lever long enough and an R2 button on which to place it, and I shall rule the online world... maybe.

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to up your FPS game without splashing out on an expensive pro controller?  Is there anything out there that will shave milliseconds off your reaction times and make the difference between getting a kill or being killed in competitive multiplayer?  Xbox One owners are probably already familiar with the Quickshot grips and triggers stops, but Bionik have recently released a set for the PS4.  A word of caution though, they aren’t the same design or adjustable offering.

Where the Xbox triggers are grips with adjustable stops, the PS4 versions are simply extenders that hook over the L2/R2 buttons and provide a textured, increased surface area for your fingers.  Because they cover an element of the exposed section of the housed button, they hit the casing of the controller faster meaning that there’s a lower travel distance and a faster repeat time.  This, in theory, should allow for a quicker response for repeat shots, and a reduced impact on accuracy when snatching at the trigger.  In practice it’s incredibly difficult to measure an improvement and where you think it’s had a benefit just might be down to some of the additional ergonomic features of the Quickshot.  If you used the button covers that were widely available for the PS3 controllers then you’ll have an idea of what these do to transform the feel of the pad and improve the responsiveness.  With the longer trigger button there’s more leverage even if it’s moving a shorter distance – this means more control over the analogue input; and the ridges and material mean there’s more grip so fewer instances of having to re-position or let the buttons go.  So whilst these are marketing themselves at making you better at FPS games, don’t overlook how they can make improvements in other titles.

Bionik continue to impress with the premium quality packaging that (in this instance) clearly makes up a considerable part of the cost price of the product given that even though there are two sets of Quickshot triggers, they are relatively small pieces of moulded plastic.  5 colour print, premium glossy board, plastic hanging hooks, and some good use of a magnetic front flap – it’s actually a bit of overkill.  That said, at least it all feels special, and there’s no skimping on the adhesive dots needed to attach the triggers to the newer DualShock controllers.  If you’ve a first generation DS4 then these just clip right on and stay pretty firmly in place.  For the newer design the L2/R2 buttons are slightly different in shape and you’ll need to use the sticky pads to keep things in place, and they will stay like that even with some heavy handed use.  We tried them out in Metro: Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn, DiRT Rally 2.0, Beat Cop, Trials Rising, Hitman 2 and Battlefront II and found that they sit very naturally and comfortably under your fingers.  With the extra length the resting position is improved and there’s less of a tendency to hammer away at them… squeezing and managing the pressure is noticeably easier.  Trials Rising in particular threw up some interesting results with the demands on fine throttle control proving to be a winner here.  Far Cry saw benefits with pistol shots being markedly quicker, and in Metro it made an easier time of it blasting through the open world and tight tunnels.  Those that spend a lot of time on the Sniper Assassin map in Hitman 2 will also love the improved pressure control, and we can’t wait to try these out on the new map later this month.

The Bionik Quickshot triggers for the PS4 might not be in the same league as the Xbox grip and adjustable stops, as they are (on the surface at least), just a couple of small pieces of plastic.  However, they genuinely make a difference to the way the pad feels and that flows through into how you play your game.  Sure, they’re targeted at the Fortnite/CoD/Battlefield crowd, but if you want some finer control in a racing game then they’re a viable option.  But… and of course there’s a but… they are a bit pricey for what you get in the box.  If the packaging had been toned down a bit and they were able to pull the RSP into a £6 – £8 range then they’d be an easy recommend for any gamer.  The fact that they’re just the wrong side of £10 means that we’d suggest only going for these if you really want to gain that extra tenth of a second in firing at your opponent, or if genuinely you think the current buttons aren’t long enough for your talons.  Of course, if you’re happy with that price point then have at them, you’ll not revert back to the stock triggers any time soon.

A review set of Bionik Quickshot triggers for PS4 were supplied by the Bionik PR team, and they’re available now for around £11.99 on Amazon.

The Verdict


The Good: Quality | Premium presentation | Genuine benefit to non-FPS games

The Bad: Pricey for what you get | Not going to make you a better FPS player

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  1. Colm Sheridan April 2, 2019 10:39 am  Reply

    Had something similar for PS 3. They worked really well. Great Review.

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