Ace Combat 7 – Top Gun: Maverick DLC

Ace Combat 7 – Top Gun: Maverick DLC

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Odds are if you saw Top Gun: Maverick at the weekend, you’re feeling the need for speed right now.  Well, there are a few options to choose from in regards to naval aviator thrills.  Microsoft Flight Sim has just added some FREE Top Gun themed DLC, and the gold standard for arcade dogfighting Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown has had a standalone DLC released, which we have been getting stuck right into, going Mach 2 with our hair on fire.

The Top Gun: Maverick Aircraft Set DLC is the final piece of DLC for the game, which was released back in 2019 and adds a healthy dose of content to the game, though it may be a little too close to the hard deck for some coming in at £15.99.  If you have never taken to the skies, there are two versions of the game that comes complete with the DLC:

  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Top Gun : Maverick Edition, and
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Top Gun : Maverick Edition Ultimate Edition.

The only real difference between the two is that the Ultimate Edition comes complete with the Season Pass.  The first thing that hits you as you take to the sky is the overall detail that the team at Project Aces have put into the game.  From the smallest details on the aircraft, to the endless number of things that flash and move on the HUD, this is an armchair Maverick’s dream come true.  Oddly there are no Series X|S/PlayStation 5 updates for the game, which is a bit strange given just how good Ace Combat 7 looked on the last-gen hardware… I’m not saying it’s not a looker on the Series X though, even without the update.  The game is very tale heavy at its core that continues the tone set in past titles.  This time you find yourself fighting for both sides of made up countries, or a made up problem in a made up war.  All of which put Tom Clancy to shame with how deep and complex it is, and it even tries to look at bigger issues like the human condition, as well as the ethics of war itself and how far humanity is willing to take technology.

To say that there is a lot to the story is an understatement and it is built into almost every element of the game.  From stunning cut scenes, to pre-mission briefings, to the radio chat between you and your team in game.  But in an extremely cool twist you can use any of the Top Gun: Maverick planes in the campaign from the start, so you can choose from the F/A-18E Super Hornet or F-14A Tomcat in their movie themed versions or stock; a 5th Gen Fighter or the futuristic Dark Star.  Maybe don’t try to go Mach 10 in it right away.  Combat is split between taking on ground units and bases, and classic dogfighting where you have to push yourself and your skills to the limits.  Add to that a weather system that adds in some really interesting challenges from clouds that help you lose enemy lock-ons,to freezing up your plane if you stay in them too long, to strong winds, and even lightning storms adding to the challenges.

When you’re not fighting it out in the campaign you can head online to fight it out in 8 player matches to see who is the real ace, but beware human on human dogfighting is a LOT more challenging and with matches having a time limit it’s a fast and frantic mode.  Wrapping out the Top Gun DLC you also get 10 Emblems to slap on the side of you fighter themed around Maverick, Hangman, Payback, Rooster, and… Bob from the new crew, but you also get 12 Call signs to choose from; including classics like Goose, Cougar, and Iceman.  And what’s Top Gun without a few killer tracks?  Well you also get 2 new multiplayer tunes remixed by Keiki Kobayashi based on the classic Harold Faltermeyer’s Top Gun Anthem and Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone.  Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Top Gun: Maverick Aircraft Set DLC is a great and final swansong for a brilliant game, that adds what movie fans want, whilst giving hardcore fans something new to get stuck into.  It truly makes it the best of the best when it comes to high flying action.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Top Gun: Maverick DLC is available now on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and it’s worth looking out for the bundle instead of the base game as that’s got some deep discounts at the moment.

The Verdict


The Good: Top Gun content | F-14A Tomcat | Great addition

The Bad: Maybe a little too pricey given what’s on show if you’re not a fan of the game or movie

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