Former Ubisoft Boss on Virtuos Mission

Amongst all the doom and gloom in the UK games industry with Brexit causing confusion and doubt, as well as seeing established studios having to shut their doors, it’s good to see elsewhere in Europe that things aren’t as terrible.  Virtuos Studios have opened a new outfit in Paris to focus on mobile gaming.  The main question you might have though is who are they?

I’ll admit, I didn’t immediately pick up on who Virtuos were, particularly as they’re not widely known in the mobile game space, but they do have some impressive work elsewhere.  If you’ve played a remaster in the last year there’s a chance you’ve played something they’ve co-developed because Heavy Rain, Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection, Final Fantasy X2 HD and Batman: Return to Arkham all feature in their portfolio.  Aside from gaming they also work closely with the movie industry and contributed 3D art assets to Rogue One, Captain America: Civil War and Warcraft.  So far, so impressive.  What about the mobile games though?

There’s one so far from the new studio, Carbon Warfare, which by the title sounds like a clone of an on-rails shooter that you’d ignore on the app stores.  It’s not, though the description of the actual game might not be to everyone’s taste.  A strategy game that asks you to spread carbon emissions to the point where it destroys the Earth isn’t really shouting out as a must play experience, but at least it’s educational.  We’ve yet to play the game so we’ll reserve judgement – regardless of the premise there’s a good chance it’ll be a very playable game.

Under the steerage of Jean-Baptiste Fleury who has a lot of experience from his days at Nintendo and Ubisoft, there’s a lot of potential for this Chinese owned studio to really pull something special out of the bag.  The CEO of Virtuos, Gilles Langourieux says:

“The Paris Notre Dame studio allows us to leverage creative talents in France as well as to attract international talents who would like to experience the historic Paris.”

Here’s hoping it works out and there’s another high quality creative outlet for mobile games in Europe.

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