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If there’s a series that comes second to our passion for Metal Gear Solid, it’s the Fallout franchise.  In fact, for some team members their love of all things Wasteland related eclipses how they feel about Snake’s exploits… and we’ve come to (grudgingly) accept that.  It’s all building up nicely to the release of Bethesda’s latest entry into the post-apocalyptic action RPG world on the 10th November, and what better way to remind us what Fallout 4 has in store than a recap of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. traits, all presented with glorious 1960’s optimism.

S is for Strength

P is for Perception

E is for Endurance

C is for Charisma

I is for Intelligence

A is for Agility

L is for Luck

Fallout 4 will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 10th November 2015, and is likely to be a massive time stealer as you navigate a rich open world ravaged by nuclear war, encountering beasts and monsters, as well as other humans that have survived armageddon and have settled in the ruins of Boston, Massachusetts.  We’ve seen very little footage of the game, which is a good thing in this case because we don’t want anything at all ruining, but check out the live action teaser for a hint on what might be in store for us soon.

If you think you know the Fallout universe, why not try our quiz, fiendishly created by our resident expert, Roger Havens.  There are no prizes, so please don’t email asking us for free stuff… we’ll be happy to congratulate you publicly on Twitter though.

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