F1 2021 Wheel Settings

f1 2021 wheel settings

The new F1 game is here and it’s probably the best one we’ve played… and we’ve played a lot of them.  However, there’s one change that’s got us diving into the options menus to try and correct – the feel through our Logitech wheels.  If you’re finding that your F1 2021 wheel settings are causing too much rattle going over smooth tarmac, or isn’t feeding the grip back strongly enough, then here are a few suggestions.  We’ve tried these on the G29, and expect they’ll work for the G920 just as nicely, and will be a baseline for the G923 as well, though the TruForce on that might mean some of the vibrations don’t fit with the audio interpretation.

First up it’s simply the responsiveness of the wheel to your inputs so head to Calibration.  Because the game is trying to translate the feeling of torque through the rear wheels, if you’re not Lewis Hamilton then you might end up spinning on the spot, especially if you’ve a heavy right foot.  We’ve found that changing the throttle and brake linearity can help with reducing the sensitivity in the early stages by making the response curve sharpen later on in the pedal travel.  Likewise, by tweaking the saturation you can balance the “pressure” you’ll be inputting and how far the pedal needs to go to hit 100%.  Start with these, then use the Test Buttons option in the same screen to see what effect it’s having, and adjust the values up and down to get where you’re happy with it.

Wheel Calibration

F1 2021 Wheel Settings

Once you’ve got the response right, it’s time to sort out the vibration and feedback.  For the most part the F1 games from Codemasters have been spot on for the Logitech settings, through for some reason we’ve found the F1 2021 wheel settings to be a bit weak on the grip feel, and too much of a hard knock/rattle for some of the milder bumps.  It’s worth your while increasing the overall Vibration & Force Feedback Strength and at the same time dropping back the On Track Effects.  The latter there is about the variations in the track surface, and when they overpower the rumble strips you know there’s something not right… as well as it making an awful racket on the G29.  We also dialled up the Wheel Damper setting as this is what translates the tyre contact with the road.  This is personal preference, but we like to feel like we have to make the effort to drag the rubber across the tarmac, knowing that when it starts to lighten up we’re likely to lose the rear end and bin it.  Play around with increasing and decreasing this for whatever feels right, and doesn’t make your arms ache too much.

Wheel Vibration & Force Feedback

F1 2021 Wheel Settings

This isn’t just about wheels though, the new Formula One game is very playable with a pad, and if you’re on the PS5 you’ve the joys of the DualSense to make use of.  Much like the last game, it’s surprisingly good to play with a controller, but we’d suggest some of the similar tweaks to the F1 2021 wheel settings.  The adaptive triggers do a great job of stiffening up when traction is on the edge, but small movements can cause you issues.  Increasing the linearity and adding a very small deadzone can reduce some of those embarrassing wobbles.  As with the wheel it’s possible to test the buttons out for responsiveness before committing them, just hold the touchpad down.

DualSense Calibration

It’s not strictly force feedback for the DualSense as it is with a wheel, but the haptics built into the controller do allow for a variety of effects to be transmitted through your hands.  On the whole these aren’t bad, but you’ll definitely get a better feel for increasing them all slightly.  The overall strength and Rumble Strip/Off Track will be great for finding those track limits, and knocking down the On Track Effects will stop going in straight line feel like you’re bouncing over cobbles.  Much of this is personal preference again and we can only recommend dropping into a time trial and playing with the settings until you get something that suits your driving style.

DualSense Vibration & Force Feedback

We’ve loved our time with the game so far, and getting the right F1 2021 wheel settings just enhances the immersion.  If you come up with anything that improves your car control or delivers some extra lap time, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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