F1 2019 Gets TV Trailer

We’re only a handful of days away from the release of the F1 2019 Legendary Edition on the 25th June and it’s time to ramp up the anticipation with the latest TV advert.  Showcasing the new features for this year like the F2 inclusion and the rivalry aspects, it’s a short, sharp reminder of how it looks in action, and that’s it coming much earlier in the season, giving us ample opportunity to repeat the on track events in realtime.

It feels with this new ad that F1 2019 is making more of an effort than usual to appeal to those on the fringes of the sport – let’s face it, they’ve got the hardcore amongst us in the bag already.  Let’s just hope that the marketing budget has stretched far enough at Codemasters to get this into the prime time eyes of potential buyers.  We’ll be onboard from the start though, so keep an eye out here for our review once it releases, and listen to the podcast because it’s bound to crop up there too.  In the meantime, get some more of the glorious visuals in the official trailer that really highlights how good it’s looking.

F1 2019 will be out on the 25th June if you want the Legendary Edition, or 28th June if you opt for the Anniversary Edition, and you can pre-order both of them here.

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