EVERSPACE 2: Armed and Dangerous Update Incoming!

Everspace 2: Armed and Dangerous

We really enjoyed EVERSPACE 2 when it hit consoles earlier this year, and it’s a pleasant surprise that support and content is planned to keep coming over the next year or so.  First up is the Armed and Dangerous patch that brings new items, companion and ship perks, and requested features to the excellent space shooter – like quicksave/quickload.  On the back of 1,111,111 Game Pass players and 400,000 unit sold, Rockfish are being generous and hitting every platform with the free new content, whether you’re playing on PlayStation, PC, Xbox… or Mac where OS support has been added with the patch.   Aside from the playable content there are new customisation options, updated music and a plethora of tweaks.  Check out the blog for the full details.

With EVERSPACE 2 being a looter shooter, the addition of more variety is always welcome, especially given the amount of blasting you end up doing to clear the cosmos of anyone getting in your way.  Armed and Dangerous shows just the beginning of the intent Rockfish have for the game, and teases where they could take updates in the future.  If you’ve not got into the game yet through Game Pass, or bought it digitally, then now’s the chance to investigate the retail version that releases on 3rd October.  The Stellar Edition combines a fancy steelbook with 64 page artbook and digital soundtrack so that you can enjoy the synth vibes and EDM beats whenever you want.  The soundtrack can be picked up separately and The Art of EVERSPACE 2 has also been released on Steam and GoG and contains more than 280 pages of everything you’d expect in that type of collection.  Not sure whether you’d be interested in the game?  Check out the accolades trailer and don’t just take our word that it’s good… though you can.

Indeed, Rockfish are supporting EVERSPACE 2 beyond the Armed and Dangerous update, there’s even a roadmap to see out 2023 with hints at what’s to come in 2024, so don’t think your £45 is going on a fire and forget title.  There’s a lot of galaxy to explore, plenty of pirates to disintegrate, as well as a good space opera story to keep you engaged, before we even get to next year, so don’t discount this from your wishlist just yet.

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