Episode XIX – Hitman Beta & Best DLC… Ever!


It’s that time of the month again… or rather it’s not because we’ve actually managed to record a mid-month podcast with the power of science!  Well, the power of phones, mini amps, mic, audio recorders and podcast editing patience.

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In episode XIX (that’s 19 for those whose minds have blanked out the Roman numerals), Matt and Andy talk about:

  • What people said after the last podcast about VR
  • Morse code messages!
  • Games they’ve managed to spend some time with
  • Firewatch’s authentic 80’s snappy snaps!
  • A special guest sporting superstar!
  • Some dodgy stories they stumbled across – like the nefarious VTech hack and the Portable ZX Spectrum
  • Fallout’s DLC announcement, and what you all think is the best DLC from any game to date
  • A quick catch up on #CodecMomentum (including a special interjection from our legal counsel)
  • Our thoughts on the Hitman beta (and Hitman Go) given that we’ve been waiting for this for so long…

If you’ve played the Hitman beta and want to let us know your thoughts before the main game comes out (or just have any comments or questions at all), hit us up using @CodecMoments on Twitter, the CodecMoments Facebook group, codec.moments on Skype, or email us using contact-us@codecmoments.com.  We’ll also accept Morse code messages because that last one was just awesome.

Until next time…

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