EGX 2018 – Wrongworld Interview

One of the first people we spoke to at EGX 2018 was the sole developer of the game Wrongworld, Jamie Coles.  The Lancashire based one man studio that is Sludj Games was there to showcase its fun, weird and definitely unique take on the open world survival genre, and got stuck talking to us about it all instead.  It’s mainly conversation about the game, but we can’t rule out that some tea discussion and e-commerce business will make their way in there too.

Wrongworld is available now on Steam, and since the expo Sludj Games have been nominated for a TIGA award for Best Start Up.

If you enjoyed what you’ve seen on Wrongworld and want to join our Discord channels to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live recordings (and join in), then click here.  If you think that Discord will leave you stranded and fighting for your life on a surreal island, then why not check us out on TwitterFacebook or contact us via email.  The Codec Moments team will return with more content from EGX 2018.

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