EGX 2018 – Wordhunters Interview

PlayStation continues to develop its PlayLink series and Wordhunters looks set to be one of the most subtly competitive ones yet.  It pits you against friends and families in different spelling related minigames around the globe.  With a distinct art style, compelling gameplay, and the suggestion of a metagame as well, this will be one to watch for anyone who likes word puzzles.  Check out the interview with developer Simon Smith from Thumbfood at EGX this year.

Wordhunters is out on PS4 on 14th November this year and can be pre-ordered now with a PS Plus discount that brings it in at just over £12.  Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and use the podcast links in the sidebar for more interviews and features from this year’s EGX, and for all the latest from the Codec Moments team.

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