EGX 2018 – Ride 3 Thoughts

One of the games we got hands on with at EGX 2018 was Ride 3 from Milestone, the latest instalment of the bike series that gives you pretty much free reign to pursue your 2 wheeled dreams.  With multiple motorcycle types, courses, race and customisation options, this is shaping up to be a deep and impressive racing game – and pretty unique given the usual focus on 4 wheeled vehicles.  Sadly, we weren’t able to speak to the development team when we were there, but we did find a wandering Colm from Last Save Loaded and roped him in to give us his thoughts on Ride 3.

Ride 3 is out on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 30th November this year.  Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and use the podcast links in the sidebar for more interviews and features from this year’s EGX, and for all the latest from the Codec Moments team.

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