EGX 2018 – Hitman 2 Interview

With the next highly anticipated instalment of the Hitman series coming very soon, Stuart Cullen and Ali Cornwall got the chance to speak to Sven Liebold from IO Interactive about everyone’s favourite murder simulator.  We can’t apologise enough for the audio, the room was very noisy, but there’s a lot of good info so persevere with the background babble (we know the culprits and will be publishing a lengthy interview with them soon!).

If you want to see the rather impressive fire extinguisher kill that Sven mentions, check out TheKotti on YouTube in the video below.

Hitman 2 is out on the 13th November, though you can get it 4 days early if you pre-order now.  There’s also the excellent Sniper Assassin game as a bonus for everyone that dips before release, and there’s a competition running to get yourself in the game if you snag the highest score at release.  What are you waiting for?

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