EGX 2018 – Catastronauts Interview


Ever fancied crewing your own starship?  Got 4 mates who can huddle round your TV screen?  Catastronauts if for you then!  Think FTL meets Overcooked! and you’ve got a madcap multiplayer game inspired by Star Trek and designed to make or break your friendships.  We got hands on at EGX 2018 with the chaotic but fun game, and Ali talked to Greg Denness and Graeme Clark of Inertia Game Studios.

Catastronauts is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One now, and coming soon to the Switch.  Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and use the podcast links in the sidebar for more interviews and features from this year’s EGX, and for all the latest from the Codec Moments team.

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