EGX 2018 – Between Stations Interview

We saw many games at EGX 2018 but none were presented with such a unique style that Between Stations came with.  A game about tuning TV channels in a hotel room finding the weird and wonderful had to be made playable in a way that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.  Presented on a old school CRT with a genuine tuning dial and option buttons, we got to re-live what it was like before the days of digital broadcasting and any time streaming.  Sam and Colin from Sand Gardeners told us all about it, whilst calmly fending off interruptions from Ron Burgundy.

You can play Between Stations for yourself if you head to the Sand Gardeners page at, and keep up to date with all the good stuff coming from the duo.  Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and use the podcast links in the sidebar for more interviews and features from this year’s EGX, and for all the latest from the Codec Moments team.

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