E3 2017 Bingo!

It’s that time of the year again… E3 is here, and for 2017 they’re admitting members of the public as well as the gaming industry professionals.  We’re not going though, so all we can do is speculate on what will be announced and talked about at each of the conferences.  Going with something a bit different for us this year we’ve a special version of Bingo that holds all our sensible speculation and widely hopeful predictions in one easy to digest place.  We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and our ears pinned back over the next week to see how many we get right.

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On the off chance we actually get one of them correct, we’ll be verifying the results on a Codec Call with Stuart Cullen who can fill us in on all the E3 gossip when he gets back; lucky bugger is there for his first trip… yes, that means you can call him a virgin (fnar, fnar!).  Let’s see how we manage, and let us know your E3 2017 thoughts on Facebook or Twitter during the course of the coming week.

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