E3 2016 Predictions


With this years major media expo about gaming that’s not GDC, Gamescom or TGS about to start (sorry, we have to remind the world that there are other events outside E3); we’ve had a think about what the key messages and themes from the major hardware and software producers will be.  Taking a pinch of what we have heard rumours about, adding a dollop of intelligent interpolation, and chucking in some totally ridiculous mental leaps, we’ve come up with what we think some of the stories of the conference will be.  Oh, and we shout out our #CodecMomentum winner and finishers from May too.

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Andy and Matt talk about:

  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Nintendo (and are quite ill informed)
  • 2K
  • Take Two
  • Ubisoft (at length…)
  • EA
  • Deep Silver (and you can see the Agents of Mayhem trailer here)
  • and many others.

By no means have we covered everything that’s going to come up at E3 2016… post recording we collectively slapped our foreheads and exclaimed “How did we manage to forget about Horizon Zero Dawn!!“, so if we’ve missed anything you think we should have talked about, drop us a note in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook (just search for Codec Moments).  We’ll pick up whether we got anything right or not in our next full Codec Call.

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