Don’t Gotta Catch ‘Em All


It’s time for another Codec Call, and in episode XXIII Andy and Matt are dealing with the aftermath of the world wide phenomenon that is Pokemon Go.  One is excited for if, the other really not interested, and they both deal with your questions about the mobile monster chasing game.  Might be worth following this link on server stability too if you want some details on why switching them on might not be as easy as it sounds.

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Pokemon Go isn’t the only topic though (even if it is in every news story going at the moment); check out:

  • What games have they been playing?
  • Andy’s horrific vault of death (see image below)
  • Will anyone be surprised that Carmageddon isn’t as good as people had hoped?
  • Southern Rail Tycoon allows you to become a train cancelling overlord!
  • June’s #CodecMomentum winner and changes to the monthly completion badges.
  • A special ice cream interval (if it’s not been edited out…)
  • And what we think of digital vs physical prices.


As usual, if you’ve got any comments or want to hear our thoughts on a particular subject, drop us a message on Twitter or Facebook, send us an email, or even send us a morse code message (seriously, we love them!).  No Pokemon Go monster pictures though… there’s too many of them already.

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