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Namco Bandai have released the launch trailer for Dark Souls II, due on consoles this week (sorry PC gamers, you’ve another 6 weeks to wait for this one).  Definitely not a game for the faint hearted, the sequel to the punishing original continues to assault you with death at every turn.  For the sequel, From Software have worked on the combat system, character and weapon customisation, animation, and how the player progresses, but are promising the same gameplay style that made the original an overlooked gem by many.  Our own Roger and Cev are DS fanatics and both can’t wait to get slaughtered by something bigger and badder than they are, fingers crossed one of them will live to write about it and bring us a review next week.

Update: Namco have released the UK/EU specific launch trailer, which you can see below.  Roll on Friday morning!

Dark Souls II is developed by From Software, published by Namco Bandai, and released on 11th March in the US and 14th March in the UK for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 306, and 25th April for PC.

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