CollectOrb is coming to Fire OS and Android


Originally released as a PlayStation Mobile title on PS Vita, CollectOrb is making the logical leap to our phones and tablets to challenge our speed and ability to see in the dark.  Described as unforgiving, the aim is to navigate your glowing ball of light through the darkness collecting the cubes scattered throughout 12 levels spread over 3 worlds, whilst pitted against the clock.


Transitioning to mobile devices, DaishGames has brought brand new levels to the title, added in tilt controls, extended the soundtrack and tweaked the user interface.  It’s all sounding pretty good from the press release, and from what we’ve seen it’s looking good as well.  Built with the ubiquitous Unity engine, there’s a sinister feel to things with the play of shadows and low level light cast from your ball, and this is where we’re guessing the challenge kicks in – being able to find anything at all with a limited range.  At pace.  And keeping ahead on the scoreboard.  Intriguing, isn’t it?

CollectOrb has been tested on most devices, though it’s recommended you run it on Android Ice Cream Sandwich as a minimum, but you’re all on Lollipop by now… right?  Whilst you’re waiting for the release, why not follow @DaishGames on Twitter for all the latest updates and news, and though original release passed us by, we’ll definitely be checking it out when it lands on Android and Fire OS in early August, priced at somewhere around the 50p mark.


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