Colin McRae DLC Coming to DiRT Rally 2

To round out the final season of content for DiRT Rally 2.0, Codemasters has announced that the game of the year edition will be arriving on the 27th March.  It contains the full game, all the content from seasons 1 – 4, and new bonus content that celebrates the career of the man that started the series, Colin McRae.  The Flat Out pack is the one to really keep in mind here, and it comes for free to anyone who has bought any of the season’s of content over the last year, or owns the deluxe edition.  Featuring Perth and Kinross as locations, two new Subaru’s and 40 scenarios to have a crack at, it brings the highlights of the legend’s rallying legacy to life.  Of course, there’s a tonne of content in the season packs too, ranging from new countries to special cars, just click on the image to see the big picture of the full breakdown.

We loved DiRT Rally 2.0 on release, it offered up a challenging yet surprisingly accessible hardcore game that takes minutes to get into, but hours to master.  It’s great to see more DLC arriving to celebrate the last 12 months of its success.  There’s a cynical part of us that wasn’t too keen on the four rounds of season pass content asking for an extra £40 from gamers when some of it was recycled from the first game, but at least that’s now thrown in for late adopters.  For more thoughts on the game, check out us having a chat around 12 months ago on how we found it.  The GOTY version will release on 27th March for around £45, and the Colin McRae pack will be available from the 24th March for existing players that qualify.

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