Codec Momentum Rules & Guidance

Standard #CodecMomentum – if you want to clear a game from your pile of shame that’s just taking up room on the shelf or hard drive, then bear in mind the following:

  • The game being submitted should be a minimum of 90 days old.  If the game is obtained from a subscription service (such as Games with Gold/PlayStation Plus/etc.) then it will be eligible for submission 90 days from the point of appearing on said service.
  • The game should be one that the entrant has started at a point in time, put aside, then wants to return to it to complete the game; or has been purchased and remains unplayed for at least the 90 day window.
  • A game be will considered complete when the main story portion has been finished – for instance, multiplayer or all side quests completion are not required for #CodecMomentum.
  • For multiplayer only games with no story mode, or sports sims that revolve around continuous seasons, completion will be determined as the point when the gamer has logged enough game time to warrant the price of entry – this should be a ratio of a minimum of £2 spent per hour of gaming.  For example, if the game costs £20 then #CodecMomentum would be awarded at a minimum of 10 hours of gameplay.  Alternatively, the gamer may choose to reach 60% trophy/achievement completion instead.
  • #CodecMomentum time periods run from the first to the last day of a single month, and entries can be made at any time in the month, however, submissions must be made at least 24 hours in advance of completing the game.
  • Completion must be confirmed via Tweeting a picture of the end game/trophy/achievement/stat screen to @CodecMoments using #CodecMomentum.  Alternatively, the screenshot can be posted on the Codec Moments Facebook group, or sent to
  • Any completion screenshots submitted after midnight in the entrants timezone on the last day of the month will be invalid.
  • Failed #CodecMomentum may be reattempted in a later month if the entrant resubmits the form found on the website.
  • Each successful #CodecMomentum will earn the gamer a position on the ranking table, with said position being determined by a cumulative score based on the number of successful previous entries.
  • A successful #CodecMomentum is worth 1 point.
  • The decision of games accepted into the monthly #CodecMomentum competition is at the discretion of the Codec Moments team, and their decision is final.

#Finishers – should the gamer decide to gamble all or nothing: that is, they aim gain the platinum trophy/maximum gamerscore in order to double their prize (should they win) and earn a higher ranking table point score; then a #Finisher must be declared at the point of entry.

  • To qualify as a #Finisher, the entered game must have:More than 1140 trophy points (typically denoted, but not always, by a platinum trophy), 1000 gamerscore or more, the Steam achievement equivalent, or a stats screen that states the game is 100% complete in the case of the Nintendo Switch or games that do not have trophy/achievement support.
  • Some games are ineligible as #Finishers, like the Telltale Games Walking Dead series, because gaining the full trophy/achievement completion only requires the same effort as completing the game.  In these instances the entrant can still claim a standard #CodecMomentum.
  • The standard measure for #Finisher games is that it contains at least one trophy/achievement that can be missed or not attained during a single playthrough, and the game has been allocated the maximum amount of “gaming” points by the platform holder (1000 gamerscore or higher, or more than 1140 trophy points).
  • It should be noted that some games can be allocated the full points by the platform holder, but at the discretion of the developer may not contain a platinum trophy or equivalent – 2016’s HITMAN is an example due to the structure of the trophies (each more like a distinct DLC set), though this game would be eligible for #Finisher status upon completion of all 6 story chapters and the training level.
  • The #Finisher must be specified on the entry form by ticking the correct box, failure to do this will see the game entered as a standard #CodecMomentum.
  • Failing a #Finisher means the entrant is excluded from the prize draw for that month, even if they have completed enough to warrant #CodecMomentum, and they will receive no point score either.
  • A failed #Finisher can be submitted in a following month, though is only eligible for #CodecMomentum after the initial failure.
  • A successful #Finisher is worth 5 points for the ranking table.
  • In instances where the eligibility of a #Finisher is in doubt, the Codec Moments team’s decision is final.

100% completion (no platinum/400 gs or less/etc.) – there are many games that can be completely finished through their trophy/achievement list yet do not have a maximum allocation of “gaming” points from the respective platform holders.  These can be submitted as 100% completion games, though will generate a lower score when finished.

  • Games with 400 gamerscore/315 trophy points (or less) and the respective Steam and Switch equivalents are eligible for 100% completion status.
  • A game submitted for 100% completion must be stated at the point of entry by ticking the correct box on the entry form.  Failure to do this will result in the game being recorded as a standard #CodecMomentum only.
  • The game should have missable trophies/achievements (as per the Telltale Games clause).
  • Upon succeeding with a 100% completion game, 2 points will be awarded for the ranking table.
  • Failed 100% completion games can be resubmitted in a subsequent month if the gamer so desires.
  • The decision on what qualifies as a 100% completion game or a #Finisher is at the discretion of the Codec Moments team.

Episodic Games – given the changing nature of content releasing, there are some specific notes for episodic titles, such as Minecraft: Story Mode or HITMAN.

  • Episodic titles are all eligible for #CodecMomentum, though the full and final release of all parts constitutes the game as a whole, and as such, individual episodes cannot be used as #CodecMomentum.
  • These games can be submitted as #Finisher, as long as all episodes have been, or are believed to be have been, released. e.g., in the case of the HITMAN, bonus content that was never announced by IO Interactive as part of the full and final game would not need completion to count.
  • Episodic games that have no missable trophies/achievements cannot be submitted for #Finisher.

DLC – some titles have significant additional content that come with their own trophy/achievement sets.

  • DLC episodes can be submitted for #CodecMomentum, with each DLC being eligible for 1 point.
  • To identify whether a DLC can be submitted, simply check whether that DLC has its own unique trophy/achievement listing.
  • No DLC will be eligible for #Finisher or 100% completion status regardless of length of content.

Still interested in taking part?  Head over to the submission page now and get that game off your backlog.