Can you hold a Comic Con in Doncaster?

If you’re at a loose end on a weekend with young children to entertain, what do you do?  Go to a specialist convention of course!  The Codec Moments Podcast relocated to Doncaster for the Monster Comic Con on the 7th October, held at the local racecourse.  There to sample the delights of merchandising, excellent cosplay, questionable food, and to find out just how easy it is to terrify a 3 year old with a Dalek, we’re going to give you our impressions of the day we spent there.

In this episode, Matt and Andy:

  • head to Doncaster dragging their daughters with them to frighten them with cosplay
  • talk to some panel guests including:
    Tim Plester
    Paul Davis
    Dolya Gavanski
    Robin Vidgeon
  • discuss at length whether you should stay in character all day if you’re in costume
  • ponder the dubious positioning of the Q&A panel
  • try to work out if it was a good event or not
  • debate whether it’s right to see all the comic characters dancing to S-Club 7…
  • completely fail to mention the free Kevin Smith book and/or t-shirt that everyone got

As always, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with your comments, and if you can answer our question on remaining fully committed to your outfit we really, really want to know that.

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