The Biggest Quiz in the (Open) World

Because we like quizzes, research and lots and lots of questions, it’s time for Andy to pose another set of brain teasers to Matt.  This time it’s all about who’s is the biggest… open world that is.  Do you know your square mileage of San Andreas from the footprint of Skyrim?  What about whether New Vegas is as big as Medici?  Do you even care?  Have a listen to this episode of the Codec Moments podcast to discover more than you ever wanted to know about map sizes in games.

In this episode, Andy and Matt talk about:

  • How coffee and laptops don’t mix
  • The official Isle of Mann TT game being missed off the round up in the last episode
  • Lots and lots of “which is bigger” questions
  • Not much else because this quiz goes on forever…

If you’ve got a quiz for us, want us to talk about something in particular, or expect us to actually know what we’re talking about, contact us via Twitter or Facebook or email, and don’t forget to join in #CodecMomentum if you’ve not signed up yet.  Until next time…

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