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Want to know more about the Codec Moments team or get their opinions on things?  We asked our fabulous community to pose us questions for our very own AMA (Ask Me Anything), or rather AUA given that there’s two of us answering.  Literally tens of questions came in, mostly from Stuart Neill, so we made sure he had to endure his own unique quizzical style by getting him to guest and ask us them all.  Hit play and learn more about the way we think than you ever wished to know.

In this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast, hear all about:

  • Killzone Shadowfall and what happened to Matt’s copy
  • What Andy’s got planned for 2018
  • Whether Cevni actually knows what the first Star Wars film was
  • If we’d go for the Agilent 1290 infinity 2 or the Waters Acquity H Class
  • What the inside of a slice of bread is called
  • and much, much more trivial nonsense

There’s the little matter of the Star Wars t-shirt winner too, congrats @sbarnett82, that’ll be in the post shortly.  If you like what you hear, why not tells us on Twitter or Facebook or email, or even leave us a review on one of the lovely podcast services below.  Until next time…

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