Another EGX Been and Gone

We went.  We saw.  We chatted.  EGX 2018 ended up being a very busy couple of days of playing games, interviewing developers, and walking… a lot.  So what better way to sum it up than to grab some guests and talk through what our favourite parts were and if there was anything we regretted not seeing.

In this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Stuart Cullen making a return to remind us all why his weekly page is called Scotch Corner
  • Ali Cornwall suspiciously spending a lot of time recording with us
  • What individually our favourite three things were – that’s 12 in total for anyone who wants the maths doing for them!
  • How many miles walked each day
  • A dodgy voicemail
  • The amount of time we spent talking to the people who actually make the games

If you enjoyed what you’ve listened to and want to join our Discord channels to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live recordings (and join in), then click here.  If you think that Discord is not to be tampered with, then why not check us out on TwitterFacebook or contact us via email.  The Codec Moments Podcast will return with some kind of concept face off for the games played at EGX 2018.

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