Alexa, what’s new with the Amazon Echo?

Amazon hosted an event on the 27th September and surprised both the press and users with a raft of new hardware announcements for their Echo series of devices.  We’re big fans of the original Amazon Echo here at Codec Moments and the additional options and functionality got us talking about what we’d use them for, and whether we could buy into all of them.

Amazon Echo

In this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast, Matt and Andy talk about:

  • Amazon Echo… a lot… it’s the point of the podcast after all
  • the Spot, Plus, Buttons and 4K Fire
  • connected homes
  • Echo calling and the drop in feature
  • how much they think they’ll be spending with Amazon on these in the future

What are your thoughts on the new devices and announcements?  Are you bought into the Amazon Echo ecosystem?  Let us know on Twitter or Facebook and maybe we’ll consider you for Drop In access on our devices.

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