Alexa vs Siri… FIGHT!

Here at Codec Moments after our thoughts on the new devices incoming from Amazon, we wanted to know who was the best between Alexa and Siri and decided to settle it the old fashioned way – duelling pistols at dawn.  Sadly, neither device has hands and is capable of working a flintlock pistol, and we didn’t have extension leads or WiFi signal in the middle of the woods, so we changed plans.  Instead, we set about asking the two virtual assistants a variety of questions to see who would give us the most useful, sensible or realistic answers.  We’d love to say it was a balanced and fully scientific experiment, but it was just more entertaining to find out which remained composed and consistent throughout, and which started to lose the plot a bit.

In this Codec Moments Podcast we find out:

  • Alexa vs Siri – who can answer the most questions sensibly
  • that Andy starts to fear things are going a bit Ex Machina with his AI companions
  • that there can be only one

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