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Did you know Tekken celebrates its 20th anniversary this year?  We didn’t and now we feel old.  Bandai Namco are commemorating this special event by giving you the chance to own a special liveried plane.  Yes, you read that right, your very own Tekken themed aeroplane… in Ace Combat Infinity – the free to play air combat game on the PS3.  OK, so we built that up a bit, but free stuff is always cool, right?


From now until the 4th November, anyone who plays the game will be able to get their virtual hands on 3 special aircraft resplendent with the face of some of your favourite Tekken characters:

  • Kazuya Mishima (SU-35 Aircraft)
  • Jin Kazama (SU-35 Aircraft)
  • Alisa & Xiaoyu (SU-34 Aircraft)

These exclusives are not only unique by their design, they also all benefit from increased stats for all players.  Alongside these there are also 15 special Tekken emblems portraying the key characters and locations from the games.

These are the aircraft liveries:

ACIxTekken Aircraft

And here are the emblems:

ACIxTekken Emblems

If you’re a Tekken fan and are enjoying the Ace Combat Infinity then it’s a no-brainer, download the patch now.  It’s available in Europe and Australia today, and you can visit the official website for more information.  We’ve not actually reviewed Ace Combat Infinity on Codec Moments, and the closest we’ve come with Tekken was the Prof’s foray into bowling, so maybe it’s one we’ve overlooked with it releasing in the same window as most of us upgraded to PS4’s.  Once we get through this hectic pre-Christmas release-fest, maybe it’s one we’ll look at more closely – I was a fan of the previous games, even if I didn’t enjoy Assault Horizon as much as some of the earlier PS2 incarnations.

Ace Combat Infinity is available for free now, exclusively on the PS3.


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