A Time To Kill

We had to do it, didn’t we?  The HITMAN Game of the Year edition is being released, and seeing as 73% of our output is based around Agent 47 we simply needed to talk about it.  It’s not just a release of the game episodes in one bundle, there are new levels, new costumes, new weapons, and new challenges.  It’s a fitting send off for the first season of the bald-man-sneaking-around-and-choking-people-out simulator.

In this Codec Moments Podcast Andy and Matt talk about:

  • what’s new
  • what the trailer tells us about the changes

  • the difficult year IO Interactive have had
  • being able to try more elusive targets (but sadly not Gary Busey)

  • how we’d like some more sniper challenge
  • clowns and Blood Money, because we can’t let that game lie

HITMAN GOTY edition will be released on the 7th November on all platforms.  You can contact us via Twitter or Facebook or email to talk about your HITMAN experiences and even share your favourite moments.  Until next time…

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